The Family History Album of Achsah Stout and Calvin D. McOmber Sr.

    Table of Contents:
    Pictures 1-156: Calvin D. McOmber Sr. Family
    Pictures 157-208: 1st son, Calvin and Posterity
    Pictures 209-219: 2nd son, Emerson and Posterity
    Pictures 220-250: 3rd son, Arthur and Posterity
    Pictures 251-267: 4th son, Ferryle and Posterity
    Pictures 268-283: 5th son, Winston and Posterity
    Pictures 284-293: 6th son, Adrian and Posterity
    Pictures 294-316: 7th son, David and Posterity
    Pictures 317-334: 1st daughter, and last child Velma and Posterity
    Pictures 335-358: Family Reunions
    Pictures 359-450: Pioneer Ancestors
    Picture 451: David McOmber's last letter
    Picture 452: Ruth Pratt's Epilogue.

    Calvin Delos McOmber Picture Album and History

  1. Judah Griffeth.

  2. Judah Griffeth.

  3. Patison Delos Griffeth (about 1895).

  4. Patison Delos Griffith

  5. Elizabeth Carson Griffeth.

  6. Elizabeth Carson

  7. John Carson, brother of Elizabeth.

  8. Home of John Carson, Fairfield, Utah.

  9. George Carson.

  10. Ann Hough Carson.

  11. Family of Patison Delos & Elizabeth Carson Griffeth.

  12. Patison and Elizabeth Griffith Family

  13. Marinda Elizabeth Griffeth.

  14. Marinda Griffith Hobson McOmber Clark

  15. George Hobson, son of Marinda.

  16. Cousins of Calvin.

  17. A celebration with the Dublan Riding Group in Mexico.

  18. George Andrew Griffith family.

  19. Stagecoach Inn, Fairfield Utah, home of John Carson.

  20. Orange McOmber.

  21. Orange McOmber, biological father of Calvin D. McOmber Sr.

  22. Orange McOmber with wife, Avilda Vorce of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

  23. Richard McOmber, 1847.

  24. Richard McOmber 1847.

  25. Etta McOmber and husband, Frank Lombard.

  26. Children of James A. and Mary Murwin McOmber.

  27. Relatives of Orange McOmber.

  28. Arthur Benjamin Clark (left) with Marinda.

  29. Calvin Delos McOmber Sr.

  30. The Clark Brothers, sons of Arthur B. Clark.

  31. A beloved teacher of Calvin Sr., James Kirkbride.

  32. The Rolphs.

  33. The Clark family brothers in the 1960's.

  34. Josephine and Charles McOmber.

  35. Newly Weds: Calvin Delos McOmber Sr and Achsah Stout.

  36. Baby Calvin Jr. with grandmother Marinda Griffeth McOmber Clark.

  37. Baby Calvin Delos McOmber Jr.

  38. 1916 picture of the 2nd Ward, Burley Stake, Oakley, Idaho.

  39. Charles McOmber, Son of Avilda and Orange and half- brother to Calvin.

  40. Charles and Josephine McOmber and Family.

    Achsah's Photos and Family History

  41. An old valentine that was in Achsah Stout's keepsakes.

  42. Achsah's Father as a young missionary.

  43. David Fisk Stout

  44. David Fisk Stout as a young man

  45. David Fisk Stout.

  46. Parents of Achsah.

  47. David Stout Jr., as a young boy in the 1890's.

  48. Parents of David Fisk Stout.

  49. Henrietta "Rettie" Cox Stout.

  50. Rettie Cox Stout.

  51. Rettie's parents and family.

  52. Henrietta Janes Cox with four daughters.

  53. David Fisk Stout

  54. Rettie Cox Stout.

  55. David Fisk Stout.

  56. Rockville home of David Fisk Stout and family.

  57. The Stout home where Achsah was born, Rockville Utah.

  58. Children of Rettie and David Fisk Stout in the 1890's.

  59. The Stout home in the colonies of Old Mexico.

  60. A Juarez home, Old Mexico Colonies.

  61. The Stout home where Achsah grew up.

  62. Achsah (center top) with her brothers and sisters.

  63. 1902: Stout Children.

  64. Children of David Fisk Stout in 1913.

  65. Karl Maeser. The founder and President of the Juarez Academy and great educator of the BYU academy

  66. Achsah, Madonna, and Daisie Stout, three lovely sisters. Here they are

  67. Achsah (right) with sister Artie.

  68. Juarez Academy.

  69. Juarez Academy graduates.

  70. The Old Guadalupe Chapel, Mexico.

  71. Guy Wilson's home in Juarez.

  72. Wendell Snow Stout, a family scholar, graduated from Brigham Young College.

  73. Dewey and Artie with mother Rettie Stout.

  74. The Stout youth while in Old Mexico.

  75. Picture of Juarez Academy graduation.

  76. Picture of the graduation group at Juarez.

  77. The terrorist Pancho Villa of the Mexican Revolution.

  78. Fleeing Mormon colonists.

  79. Relief in El Paso.

  80. David Fisk sitting in the front of his children and Family.

  81. The Four Corner Ranch.

  82. David Fisk Stout with wives and family.

  83. 50th wedding anniversary of Rettie and David Fisk Stout.

  84. Stout Family reunion, June 1959.

  85. Elizabeth Ann Stout and Family about 1903.

  86. Old car with family gathering of Stouts.

  87. Stout brother and sisters in the 1950's Reunion in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  88. David Fisk Stout Reunion about 1953-55.

  89. Owen and Colleen Stout with their ten children.

    The McOmber Family pictures of Calvin and Achsah

  90. Calvin and Emerson as children.

  91. Oakley Tabernacle on left and Oakley 2nd Ward 1916-1925.

  92. 1924 Oakley Elementary Football team.

  93. Calvin D. McOmber Sr. in the Oakley years.

  94. Calvin D. McOmber in the Pocatello years.

  95. Calvin D. McOmber Sr

  96. McOmber's first business venture in Pocatello.

  97. First home of the McOmber family.

  98. Another home on Roosevelt Ave.

  99. This is where Aunt Velma was born on Roosevelt Ave.

  100. Family in overalls.

  101. Family in Overalls.

  102. The family ready for church, Pocatello, Idaho.

  103. Family ready for school, Pocatello Idaho.

  104. Calvin and Achsah on the farm.

  105. Huge snow storm.

  106. Velma and Winston with brothers.

  107. Achsah is shown here with children in the snow of Pocatello, Idaho.

  108. Achsah with Velma.

  109. Velma with Achsah.

  110. Achsah and Velma are standing by two large bottles of catsup.

  111. McOmber family in 1933.

  112. Another picture of the McOmber Family 1933

  113. Calvin Sr. with his seven great sons.

  114. Calvin Sr. working with a hay fire.

  115. Emerson (front) is sawing a log with brother Calvin. No wonder they had muscles.

  116. Idaho Falls Temple.

  117. The McOmber Homestead home.

  118. Calvin and Achsah in 1950.

  119. Father (Calvin D. McOmber Sr) with seven wonderful sons.

  120. Family portrait of 1940.

  121. Family and extended family portrait of 1940.

  122. Dedication of the 5th Ward Church.

  123. Achsah, mother and grandmother at age 40 years, 1929.

  124. Achsah and Calvin accepted a missionary call to the Southern States.

  125. Achsah Stout McOmber 1945.

  126. Calvin Delos McOmber Sr. 1945.

  127. Achsah Stout McOmber as she looked as she served her mission to the Southern States

  128. Calvin and Achsah are called on a mission to the Southern States.

  129. Achsah and Calvin with their missionary group.

  130. Front room of 2715 Pole Line Rd.

  131. Achsah and Calvin announce their 50th Wedding anniversary.

  132. The original "50th" number from their celebration cake, preserved by Ruth.

  133. Idaho State Journal article of the 50th wedding anniversary party of Achsah & Calvin.

  134. McOmber 50th wedding anniversary picture.

  135. McOmber Family and spouses 1959.

  136. McOmber Family picture of 50th wedding anniversary, 1959.

    The McOmber Dairy

  137. Cows grazing for the McOmber Dairy farm.

  138. McOmber Dairy 7-M branding Iron for the cattle. (seven McOmber sons)

  139. McOmber Dairy Trucks.

  140. Adrian McOmber working in the McOmber dairy.

  141. David and Adrian working at the Old Milk House.

  142. McOmber Dairy milk trucks used for delivering milk.

  143. Emerson and Adrian working for the dairy.

  144. Beloved Horses, Queen and Star. They were the first horses on the farm.

  145. Three prize work horses: Queen, Bess, and Prince (left picture) with David plowing the fields.

  146. Queen, Bess, Prince were wonderful work horses for the farm.

  147. David behind a harrower, plowing up the big clods of dirt of the fields.

  148. Pocatello, Idaho State Basketball Champs, 1929.

  149. Emerson as a great Cougar ball player at BYU

  150. 5th Ward Pocatello Woman's chorus: "The Victory Sweethearts."

  151. Calvin Sr. in front of the 5th Ward Church.

  152. McOmber four generations.

  153. Calvin and Achsah in their retirement years.

  154. Calvin McOmber Sr. working at the Salt Lake Stake farm, October 22,1960. Calvin is

    The Posterity of Calvin and Achsah McOmber

  155. Calvin and Emerson in Overalls as children.

  156. Calvin and Emerson in Sunday clothes as children.

    Calvin, first son of Achsah and Calvin

  157. Calvin Delos McOmber Jr., missionary to Czechoslovakia, 1933.

  158. Calvin and Frances in her Czech costume.

  159. Calvin and Frances as they were in 1936-37.

  160. Frances Brodil as a young immigrant from Prague.

  161. Frances Brodilova with new mother-law, Achsah Stout McOmber.

  162. Calvin and Frances were married by John A. Widtsoe in the Salt Lake temple.

  163. Calvin Jr. welcomes his new baby boy, George Brodil, to the family.

  164. Frances Marie McOmber.

  165. Czech friends come to visit Frances at Pocatello.

  166. Frances visited the Bannock Creek Indian tribe for their Pow-wow.

  167. Family of Calvin and Frances 1955.

  168. Frances with the McOmber family at Sunday dinner.

  169. Calvin and Frances with their children

  170. Calvin D. McOmber visits his Grandfather's home in Logan Utah:

  171. Family picture of Calvin and Frances family.

  172. A painting done by Frances Brodil McOmber

    George and Carol McOmber

  173. Carol and George McOmber and Family 1990's.

  174. Sarah and Richard McOmber as young couple.

  175. Caitlin McOmber, daughter of Sarah and Richard McOmber.

  176. Richard and Sarah McOmber with children Caitlin and Alex.

  177. Baby blessing of Alex McOmber, son of Sarah and Richard.

  178. Roger, Becky & Ryan, young couple (Carol & George's son).

  179. Roger & Becky's boys: Ryan and Christopher.

  180. Roger with brother Steven by the Twin Towers

  181. Mark with new son Devin.

  182. Mark McOmber's daughter, Sydney.

  183. Megan McOmber.

    Calvin & Ann McOmber

  184. Calvin and Ann (Richards) Family 1990's.

  185. Cindy and Lynn Hyer with two sons: Trevor & Nathan.

  186. Kenny and Brian, children of Calvin and Ann about 1986.

  187. Carl and Stephanie.

  188. Pamela Frances McOmber and Robert Lee Married in the Idaho Falls Temple.

  189. Robert Lee married Pamela Francis McOmber in the Idaho Falls temple.

  190. Buffie and David McOmber of Mesa Arizona.

    Ruth McOmber Pratt's family

  191. Ruth McOmber Pratt's family in 2003.

  192. Ruth & John Pratt and family 1982.

  193. Julie and Johnny Pratt as children, 1978

  194. Ruth and John Pratt and family "dress up" as Frontier dignitaries.

  195. L-R back: John Calvin, Julie Kay, Mary Kathryn, Jared McOmber, Joseph Brodil,

  196. Mary Kathryn Pratt.

  197. Julie Kay Pratt (now Hepworth) 1991

  198. Julie Kay with Ruth McOmber Pratt.

  199. Julie Kay Pratt graduated from Orem High School 1992.

  200. Saying goodbye to the dear home on 2715 Pole Line Rd.

  201. Last picture of 2715 Pole line McOmber home.

  202. Joseph and Jared Pratt with Grandma Frances McOmber.

  203. The New look at 2715 Pole Line Rd, The Bank of Ireland moves in.

  204. Frances with Ruth's children visit the McOmber home.

  205. Czech Reunion, Frances is honored as a Czech pioneer.

  206. Julie Kay Pratt in her Grandma's (Frances McOmber) Czech costume, 1992.

  207. Julie Kay Pratt 1992, BYU college Co-ed and missionary to Bilboa Spain.

  208. Ruth's family visits Rockville, Utah where Achsah was born.

    Emerson, second son of Achsah and Calvin

  209. Emerson McOmber 1939.

  210. Emerson McOmber as an outstanding basketball player for BYU.

  211. Emerson McOmber, athlete for the 1933 Brigham Young University Cougars.

  212. Emerson with Wife Josie Tindal (left).

  213. Emerson & Kaye and family (Emerson's).

  214. Mark married Danette.

  215. Carolyn's family (Daughter of Josie and Emerson) taken the summer of 1993.

  216. Family of LeGrand and Debbie Durrant McOmber.

  217. Nancy and Brian Elliott.

  218. Evelyn and Stuart Candland Family.

  219. Ann McOmber.

    Arthur, third son of Calvin and Achsah

  220. Arthur Fisk McOmber as a young missionary

  221. L-R:Arthur and Ferryle in overalls, Oakley Idaho.

  222. Ferryle and Arthur in overalls.

  223. Ferryle and Arthur in suits.

  224. Arthur McOmber working in the McOmber dairy, 2715, Pole Line Rd.

  225. Arthur McOmber plays basketball for Pocatello High School.

  226. Arthur Fisk and June Martineau McOmber & Family.

  227. Arthur and June in the 60's.

  228. Kathy and Arthur McOmber.

  229. Art, son of Arthur and June.

  230. Family of Art and Diana McOmber in the 1990's.

  231. Art and Diana McOmber family.

  232. Barbara and Art McOmber (son of Art Jr.) as Newly Weds.

  233. Art and Diana McOmber 2003.

  234. Diana with grand daughter Makelle McPherson

  235. Devon (Art Jr.'s daughter) and husband Eli.

  236. Makelle Laura McPherson

  237. Tammy McOmber Ballard

  238. Mike McOmber with wife Breanna 2003

  239. Art and Diana and Family 2003

  240. Art jr. with wife Barbara and family

    Howard & Elizabeth

  241. Elizabeth and Howard McOmber.

  242. Howard and Elizabeth's family in Seattle, Washington.

  243. Howard Jr with wife, Amy with children (Howard's son).

  244. Howard and Elizabeth's family when Jesse was married in Seattle, Washington 1994.

  245. Jesse married Melissa Merrill 1994.

  246. Jesse married Melissa Merrill in 1994 in the Seattle Temple, Washington.

  247. Howard's daughter, Katie with children.

  248. Susan McOmber Lemmons (front) with children: L-R: Bill, Annette (back), and Michelle.

  249. Michelle Lemmons, daughter of Susan (June & Arthur).

  250. Laura and David Ahrnsbrak and family.

    Ferryle, fourth son of Achsah & Calvin.

  251. Ferryle McOmber, the missionary.

  252. Ferryle McOmber, the Navy man.

  253. Ferryle McOmber, fourth son of Calvin and Achsah and Calvin.

  254. Ferryle and Merial as honeymooners in California on the beach.

  255. Ferryle and Merial as young marrieds in California.

  256. Ferryle McOmber.

  257. Ferryle and Merial with their young family

  258. Family of Merial & Ferryle.

  259. Children of Ferryle and Merial.

  260. Bryant & Susan's Family.

  261. Robert & Kathryn Family.

  262. Michael and Maria McOmber and family

  263. Martin and Susan Pederson McOmber with Susan's parents and family at Christmas

  264. Martin and Susan with children.

  265. Meri Kathryn and family (Ferryle).

  266. Martin and Susan Pederson McOmber and family

  267. Uncle Ferryle and aunt Merial on their 50th wedding anniversary.

    Winston, fifth son of Calvin & Achsah

  268. Winston, fifth son of Calvin and Achsah.

  269. Winston Isaiah McOmber

  270. Louise Tyler married Winston McOmber June 5, 1944 in the Salt Lake temple.

  271. Louise and Winston's children, about 1949.

  272. Family of Louise and Winston McOmber.

  273. Karen's wedding to Carl Gowan.

  274. Karen's two of three children: Tyler and Ellen.

  275. Karen and Earl Gowan.

  276. Linda McOmber and Charlie Burton (top) & family.

  277. Steven and Selu are married.

  278. Children of Steven and Selu McOmber.

  279. Steven & Selu's daughter, Lynsi McOmber, May 1996.

  280. Tyler and Teri McOmber and Family.

  281. Stanley and Michelle McOmber in 1987.

  282. Winston and Louise's 50th wedding anniversary August 6, 1995.

  283. 50th Wedding Anniversary of Louise and Winston.

    Adrian, sixth son of Achsah and Calvin

  284. Adrian McOmber.

  285. Adrian & Grace, Logan (Clair), and Douglas, 1948.

  286. Adrian and Grace family 1959, California.

  287. Adrian and Grace celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

  288. Elaine and Adam Schader marry, July 12, 1996.

  289. Adrian and Grace Family with spouses.

  290. Grandchildren of Grace and Adrian at their 50th Wedding anniversary.

  291. Kim with baby Spencer and Mark McOmber with Courtney.

  292. Grandma Cook with daughter Grace Cook McOmber.

  293. Douglas and Cliffie McOmber with daughter Elaine and husband Adam

    David Ivins McOmber, seventh son of Achsah & Calvin

  294. David Ivins McOmber, seventh son of Achsah & Calvin Sr.

  295. David as a youth with favorite dog.

  296. David I. McOmber on his favorite horse, Old Duke.

  297. David Ivins McOmber as an Army man.

  298. David Ivins McOmber as a young man in college Utah State University.

  299. David and Rachel Baird are married April 10,1947 in the Logan temple.

  300. Family in 1960 at 1089 Cherry Lane, Provo, Utah (close to BYU).

  301. Val and Kenna's family, first child of David and Rae.

  302. Marilyn and Joel Skousen and Family, Orem, Utah.

  303. Marilyn and Joel Skousen in 2003

  304. Julee and Randy Law and family.

  305. Mark and Cathy McOmber & family.

  306. Becky & Jed Miner and Family of Orem, Utah.

  307. Paul & Kim and family.

  308. Uncle David in the 1980's.

  309. Aunt Rachel with a new grandson.

  310. The family of David and Rachel McOmber.

  311. David with his grandson.

  312. David and Rae with their grown children.

  313. Rachel and David with young children.

  314. Rachel Baird McOmber.

  315. Rachel and David as temple workers at the Provo, Utah Temple.

  316. David and Rachel as Grandparents.

    Velma, eighth child and only daughter of Achsah & Calvin

  317. Velma McOmber.

  318. Baby Velma McOmber.

  319. Calvin D. Sr. with Velma and horses 1930.

  320. Velma with bonnet 1929-30 (left).

  321. David and Velma on a log.

  322. Velma in bonnet, about age two.

  323. Clarence Teerlink.

  324. Clarence and Velma Teerlink & family 1950's California.

  325. Velma and Clarence & family in 60's visiting 2715 Pole Line Rd. Pocatello, Idaho.

  326. Suzette Teerlink, 1980's.

  327. Children of Suzette Teerlink.

  328. Velma McOmber Teerlink.

  329. Clarence G. Teerlink.

  330. Children of Clarence G. Teerlink (repeat).

  331. David and Gail Teerlink and family, Idaho Falls, Idaho.

  332. Richard and Dawn Teerlink as newly weds.

  333. Richard & Dawn Teerlink.

  334. Velma & Clarence Teerlink in the '90's.

    McOmber Family Reunions through the years

  335. The McOmber Clan. This may be the tartan or close to the McOmber Scottish clan

  336. Grandchildren of Calvin and Achsah, about 1945.

  337. Ross Park, Pocatello Idaho McOmber Reunion in 40's.

  338. Reunion in front of Francis and Calvin's home at 2715 1/2 Pole Line Rd in the 50's.

  339. Playing volleyball by the old McOmber Dairy/Soap plant.

  340. CD McOmber Sr. reunion.

  341. L-R: Winston, David, and Adrian.

  342. Oakley Tabernacle when the McOmbers lived there 1916-1925.

  343. Oakley 2nd Ward 1916-1925.

  344. McOmbers (Achsah & Calvin) homesteaded in Oakley, Idaho.

  345. Hay Ride and singing at the Oakley, Idaho reunion in 1959.

  346. Reunion in front of the 2715 Pole Line Rd home.

  347. Salt Lake City reunion at Uncle Winston's home.

  348. Family gathering at Uncle Winston & Aunt Louise's home, Salt Lake City Utah 1960's.

  349. Calvin D. McOmber Sr.

  350. McOmber California reunion in the 60's.

  351. Reunion to California in the 60's.

  352. BYU students meet at Aunt Rachel and Uncle David's home 1089 Cherry Lane, Provo, Utah.

  353. Calvin Delos McOmber Sr. Funeral, November 22, 1969.

  354. 2715 Pole Line Rd. revisited in the 1980's.

  355. McOmber Homestead in Pocatello, Idaho visited in 1989.

  356. Pratts have a family get-together at 186 S. 1000 E. Orem, Utah, in the 90's.

  357. McOmber Brothers and Spouses reunion, early 1990s.

  358. Four McOmber brothers together in the 90's.

    Achsah's great grandparents, Jehu and Sarah

  359. Jehu Cox 1803-1893.

  360. Jehu and Sarah Cox.

  361. Jehu Cox, founding father of Mt. Pleasant. He was a great pioneer and great grandfather to

  362. Sarah Pyle Cox, wife of Isaiah Cox.

  363. The Home of Jehu Cox.

  364. Achsah's Grandfather Isaiah Cox.

    Achsah's Grandmother, Henrietta Cox

  365. Henrietta Janes Cox.

  366. Henrietta Janes Cox.

  367. Henrietta Janes Cox.

  368. Henrietta Janes Cox.

    Henrietta's mother who took her across the plains to Utah,as a widow

  369. Asenath Slafter Janes 1796-1867.

  370. Asenath Slafter Janes

  371. Amanda Melvina Fisk Stout, mother to David F. Stout, grandmother to Achsah.

  372. Amanda Melvina Fisk Stout

  373. Artie and Achsah graduated from Juarez Academy.

  374. Calvin and Achsah, ready for church 1929.

  375. Brothers and sister to David Fisk Stout.

  376. Salt Lake City Stout Reunion in front of Uncle Dewey and Aunt Viola's home, Salt Lake City, Utah.

  377. L-R are: Achsah, Madonna, and Daisie.

  378. Dewey Stout.

  379. Emerald Stout's Basketball team in Oakley, Idaho, 1917.

  380. Stout Reunion Children.

  381. A home, typical of Rockville, Utah.

  382. Ruth & John Pratt 1994, Orem, Utah.

  383. Sarah Cox Stout and family.

  384. Emerald Stout (Achsah's brother) and his wife.

  385. The great journey to the Valley of the Mountains, the Promised valley.

  386. A picture showing the way it may have looked for our forefathers.

  387. Challenges of the early settlers.

  388. A pencil sketch of David Fisk Stout by Ruth McOmber Pratt.

  389. The 50th wedding anniversary of Rettie and David Fisk Stout.

  390. Amanda Fisk Stout, mother of David Fisk Stout.

  391. Two brothers Calvin and Emerson

  392. President Woodruff.

  393. David Fisk Stout & Rettie with their "top of the line" car. Logan, Utah.

  394. Calvin D. McOmber Sr.

  395. Isaiah Cox as a young man.

  396. The great Western Frontier was a great invitation to many.

  397. Lyman Stout, brother of Achsah Stout.

  398. David's brothers and sisters.

  399. Julia Cox Stout with daughter, Juanita.

  400. Wayne Stout, ready to serve his country of America.

  401. Jehu Cox posterity reaches about 90% of this picture taken at Aunt Viola and Uncle Dewey Stout's

  402. The David Fisk Stout reunion in Salt Lake City at the residence of Dewey and Viola Stout. This is

  403. The wives of Isaiah Stout.

  404. Abe Stout Family in the 50's (Brother to Achsah).

  405. Dewey Stout called to serve the USA. (Brother to Achsah).

  406. Watermelon fun.

  407. Juanita Ray's oldest son (Nephew to Achsah).

  408. Sarah (Sadie) Cox Stout, Wife of David Fisk Stout.

  409. John and Juanita Ray, married May 2, 1915 (Achsah's sister).

  410. John and Juanita Ray and children.

  411. Stout family gathering.

  412. Owen Stout with children (son of Wayne).

  413. Justin Richardson family (son of Daisie).

  414. Viola Allred and Dewey Stout.

  415. Dewey and Viola Stout with their children and grandchildren.

  416. Stout Reunion at Bluffdale, Utah 1980's.

  417. Homes of the 1840's.

  418. The prophet Joseph Smith.

  419. The Nauvoo temple.

  420. Ruth and family visit the remodeled home at Rockville, Utah.

  421. Ruth's children visit Aunt Viola Stout and enjoy a interview with her.

  422. The Rockville home of the Stouts.

  423. Hosea Stout.

  424. Sketch of Hosea.

  425. Sketch of Allen Joseph Stout.

  426. David Fisk Stout.

  427. Rettie Cox Stout.

  428. Old Mexico.

  429. The Mormon colonies today.

  430. Allen Joseph Stout

  431. Allen Joseph Stout (Repeat).

  432. Children of Allen and Amanda Stout (5 of the 17).

  433. Mary Jane Millet Cox and her family 1900.

  434. David and Henrietta Cox marry.

  435. The Kirtland temple where our Fisk ancestors lived.

  436. The Nauvoo temple.

  437. The endowment house.

  438. Logan temple.

  439. The St. George Temple.

  440. Brigham Young.

  441. Daisie and Edward Richardson family 1919.

  442. Sarah Pyle Cox.

  443. Sarah Pyle Cox.

  444. Wayne Stout and family.

  445. Joseph Smith sketch by D.J. Bowden 1981.

  446. The City and temple of St. George.

  447. Stout children

  448. Stout family picture with old car

  449. Ruth Pratt's family visits the St. George temple, where David Fisk Stout served a building mission.

  450. Ruth Pratt's family visit's the historic sight of Hosea Stout at Nauvoo, Illinois on a Church History

  451. David I. McOmber's last letter.

  452. Epilogue.