The terrorist Pancho Villa of the Mexican Revolution.

Shocking news came that Mexico was in a revolution and they were angry at America. All the colonies were in danger and many difficult times followed. Pancho Villa was on the war path. He led the war against Americans and vowed he would kill all Gringos. Grandma Achsah remembered the terror when one of her neighbors, Liz Mortenson, was killed and defiled. She had night-mares and fear from that experience that lasted all of her life. She would tell stories about it to her grandchildren. She loved America and when she saw the great flag of America when entering in El Paso, she wept and kissed the soil of her dear beloved America. "I love American and everything it stands for!. I love the great flag of freedom and protection!" she often said. She had three sons serve their country: Ferryle, Winston in World War II, and David.