Jehu Cox posterity reaches about 90% of this picture taken at Aunt Viola and Uncle Dewey Stout's

Reunion at 3123 So Seventh E. Salt Lake City, summer of 1953 or 1955 (we have 1953 dated with Wayne S.) L-R Back Fay Demille, Lloyd Bryner ?????, David Frederick Stout?? Nettie and Abraham, LuJean Stout, Arlene Elingson, Eunice Stout Bryner, Beulah Limb, David McOmber with child Marilyn, Calvin D McOmber Jr., Don Stout, ? ?baby Larry, Maxine, Nathan, Winston McOmber with son Tyler. In front of David McOmber is Thurlow Stout, Verda Ray Eyring, Louise Tyler McOmber, Hortense Richardson, Richard Stout, ? ? (Hortense's children), Merle Stout Budd (end) Rachel Baird McOmber with baby Julee, ? Emerald Stout, Achsah Stout McOmber, Calvin D. McOmber, Daisie Stout Richardson, Sarah Cox Stout, Henrietta Cox Stout, Madonna Stout Smoot, Genevive, Rosa & Wayne Stout Front row L-R: ? ? Jolyn Stout Fitzgerald, ? ? Dewey Stout, Viola Allred Stout, Frank Lyman Stout, Fay Heaton Stout, Florence Heward Oviatt, Dee Oviatt, ? ? Grant Heward, Larry Barney ?