Achsah's Grandfather Isaiah Cox.

Isaiah Cox: Born May 18,1839 in Crawford, Missouri. His family crossed the plains May 18, 1848 with the Kimball Co. and arrived in Salt Lake City Sept. 24, 1848. He was baptized May 13. 1849. He met and married the lovely Henrietta Janes January 1,1856. He served a building mission to the St. George temple and a cotton & settling mission to Saint George, Utah in 1861. He entered polygamy with wives: Elizabeth Ann Stout, Martha Cragun, & Mary Jane Millet. He had 29 children. (His daughter, Henrietta Cox was Achsah's mother.) He served as bishop to the Lower Muddy, Nevada colonizing mission in 1884. He lived in Colonia Juarez, Old Mexico until 1892 and died April, 11, 1896. Truly this was a great pioneer and colonizer, a founding father of Fairview, Utah; St. George, Utah; "The Muddy" Nevada, and lived the United Order.