Amanda Melvina Fisk Stout, mother to David F. Stout, grandmother to Achsah.

Born June 12, 1832 at Silver Creek, Chautauqua County, New York (Western New York) She was given a blessing as a child by the prophet Joseph Smith in Kirtland, Ohio. She was orphaned at age three. Her father died of Cholera on Zion's march and her mother also died of the same malady. She was cared for by grandparents who also passed away due to the persecutions and exposures. Perhaps she lived with members of the church until she was sixteen. This is when she arrived at Winter Quarters and did baby sitting for the widower, Allen J. Stout. She married Allen Joseph Stout at age 16, April 30, 1848 at Winter Quarters by Brigham Young. She crossed the plains with Carden Co. Oct. 2, 1851, caring for a young family of five. She raised 17 children, 14 being her own, and three step children (Alan's first wife died at Winter Quarters in child birth, leaving Alan with three little children.) At 19 years of age she had two of her own making five little ones to care for while she went West to Salt Lake City.

She was a great pioneer woman who served the Lord and his kingdom here upon the earth. She served on a Cotton Mission with her husband in 1861. Living in wagon beds, having children in crud surroundings, making and spinning her own clothes, weaving rag rugs, cooking in difficult cabins were her lot. She endured suffering and exposure. Yet, she met the test and sacrificed everything for the kingdom of the Lord. Can we meet the challenge too in our day? She will have her crown in heaven, no doubt! She died of a stroke on Sept 21, 1888 (age 56). Allen died the next year on December 18, 1889