Saying goodbye to the dear home on 2715 Pole Line Rd.

Our last farewell to our beloved home. It was sold to the Bank of Ireland. This is how it looked before it was remodeled. How many wonderful blessings, good meals, bible stories, family parties with popcorn balls, home made bread, love, and tears were shared here! It knew missionary farewells, Patriarchal blessings for West Pocatello Stake, given by Calvin D Sr., and Calvin D. Jr. It knew wonderful gospel lessons. It housed newly weds upstairs and down stairs, for there were two rentals. It was a home, built by the gifted hands of Calvin D. McOmber Jr, where where there was love and devotion and friendly meetings of all who lived there. Music was sung of family songs, songs of praise to God and country (not to mention "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"). It knew the tears, the joys, the memories of a very beloved family: Calvin & Achsah. In 1962 Calvin & Frances & family moved there when Achsah and Calvin moved to Salt Lake City.