Orange McOmber.

Orange McOmber

Born: October 9, 1844 at Gaines, New York to Richard and Eliza Cook McOmber Named after William of Orange, a great English protestant. He served in the Civil War for the Northern States Corporal in Co. K, 8th NY Calvary. He married April 24, 1866 to Avilda Vorce in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Avilda's mother Samantha was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Sept., 1843. He followed his wife, Avilda and Avilda's mother, Samantha, to Bountiful, Utah in the 1860's. He was the first McOmber to go west. He was baptized into the church on December 17, 1882, at Lewiston, Utah. He married Marinda, Griffeth in 1884,his polygamist second wife, and they had two children: Calvin and Minnie. Records show that he farmed in Lewiston, Utah. We don't know the details, but he left for Roseburg, Oregon, leaving the church and his families. He remarried to Mary Ann Dine. He died November 4, 1932 in a tragic house fire, at the age 88 years. in Roseburg, Oregon. He was buried Nov. 5, 1932, at the Soldier's home, at Roseburg, Oregon.