Uncle Ferryle and aunt Merial on their 50th wedding anniversary.

(a is Bryant's family, b is Michael's family, c is Robert's family, d is Martin's family. and e is Meri's family) First row:L-R: Kyle McOmber (c), Cameron M. Eaton (e), James (a), Mary (c) Sarah Eaton (e) Meredith (e), Mary Jean (d) 2nd row: Meri Kathryn M. Eaton, Elizabeth Eaton (e), Hilary Kathryn (a), Margaret (c) Maria (b), Jonathan (d), Kate (c), 3rd row: James Eaton (e) Matthew (d), Joseph (b), Ferryle (father), Thomas (b), Melissa (b), Kathryn (c) Suzy (d), Peder (d), 4th row: Martin, Merial (mother), Michael , Robert, Bryant, Nathan (a), Erin (a) Susan (a Not shown is Jared (b) on a mission to Texas.