Stagecoach Inn, Fairfield Utah, home of John Carson.

John was the great uncle to Calvin D. McOmber Jr., birthplace of Marinda, Calvin's mother. In 1855 John Carson, a Pennsylvanian by birth, along with the Carson family: Elizabeth Carson Griffeth & Patison D. Griffeth, David Carson, Washington Carson, Mary Carson, George & Jonathan Carson and spouses and children, settled at Fairfield. The fields were abundant with grass and good water. To protect themselves from Indian depredations, they built a stone fort, four rods by four rods square, within which were log and adobe houses for their living quarters. Chief Tintic's Indians killed two of the Carson brothers, Washington & George. It was on June 26th, 1858 when the Carsons had their neighborhood occupied with about 7,000 soldiers. The stagecoach Inn served as a decent hostelry for prominent visitors to Utah, including many of the well-known actors and actresses of the day. Because John Carson was an elder in the Church, his Inn became an oasis of high Mormon standards. This greatly contrasted to the wild setting of Johnson's camp. Although square dancing was acceptable, neither drinking nor round dancing was allowed. Because of this, General Johnson of Camp Floyd thought highly of John Carson. It's hard to imagine how worried the Carson families may have been when all of Johnson's army, cannons, horses, and mules descended upon them! Today, one may visit Stagecoach Inn at Fairfield, Utah to see Fort Floyd monument where the army resided. (An hour drive west of Provo.)