Calvin Delos McOmber Sr. Funeral, November 22, 1969.

Salt Lake city, Utah. Fond farewells to our beloved father, grandfather, and great grandfather. Back L-R: Marilyn, Julee, Mark, Becky & Paul with their father David, Tyler of Winston, Howard and Art (of Arthur), Linda & Steven (of Winston), Cliffie and Douglas (of Adrian), Arthur, Bruce (of Winston), Ruth with father Calvin, Adrian, Carol & George, Ann & Calvin with baby David (of Calvin), Bryant with father Ferryle Front: L-R: Annette Lemmons, Aunt Rachel, Elizabeth holding Jesse, Susan Lemmons (Of Arthur) June holding Shelae & Howard Jr (front), Katie in front (children of Howard & Liz), Grandma Achsah Stout McOmber, and Aunt Velma Teerlink, Frances with Cindy, Grace with daughter Ann