Henrietta Janes Cox.

She was born March 8, 1835 in Mansfield, Connecticut. Her parents joined the church and moved to Nauvoo in 1841 where she attended school. On June 2, 1852 -September 12, 1852 she crossed the plains with her widowed mother, Asenath. She walked the entire way at the age of 17. She married Isaiah Cox January 1, 1856. She went on a settling "Cotton mission" with her husband, Isaiah Cox. She knew exile three times for her faith: Nauvoo, Rockville Utah, & Colonia Juarez Old Mexico.

As a young girl, she was driven from Nauvoo, Illinois during the persecution of the early saints. As an older woman she left Rockville, Utah because of the U.S. marshal raids due to polygamy, and knew exile from Old Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. She was a valiant mother and pioneer. Before 1917 she was a temple worker at the St. George, Temple. She died June 17, 1917.