David I. McOmber's last letter.

David I. McOmber wrote the following to the Stout family circle letter:

January 17, 2003, (just days before he died of a heart attack, Feb 1, 2003):

Happy New Year Family!

It was like a mini reunion last Sunday being invited to the meeting of the reunion committee for the year 2003. Not only that, I had just received the circle letter. So, I have been enjoying myself as I reflect on many memories and realize the great heritage that is mine. In order to establish a righteous generation in a short period of time, the Lord called the more worthy saints to practice polygamy. We are the descendants of those wonderful ancestors. These blessings do not come free. We have a great responsibility to help God fulfill His work by being anxiously engaged in His service. After having read these letters, it is evident you are all doing just that. Many are under the most difficult circumstances. I believe that we are not only in the Lord's sight, but many of our loved ones who have passed on. And if I am living up to their expectations, or if I am fulfilling the work I was foreordained to do so before the world was, did I make some kind of a pact or agreement, or covenant with these great ancestors? If they preceded me and would sacrifice so much to help the Lord in the resoration process, and endure the tremendous hardships that the early saints had to endure as pioneers, defending their families from mobs, and establishing a sanctuary here in the west where we now are reaping the fruits of their sacrifices that we would do what, as our part of the agreement? I'll not answer that. I'll leave it to us all to answer. I only know I need to live another eighty years and work harder to be worthy of the blessings I now enjoy because of them.

So proud and honored to be within the circle of this great family, Sincerely David McOmber Son of Achsah, who is the daughter of David and Rettie Stout.