Calvin and Achsah on the farm.

2715 Pole Line Rd., Pocatello, Idaho A favorite picture of the everyday work attire. They were a great team. Achsah is typified by the following poem written by Kathryn Kay (Kathryn W. Pratt).

The Western Pioneer: Profile in Strength

Slim, she was,

arrow-straight and tall,

princess-proud, her head held high,

chin tip-tilted

to the sky.

Shoulders back and always braced

to carry the load

of whatever she faced.

Fearless, she was,

and daring,

with a granite-strong


sure of herself

and her world

and her man,

able to walk along,

taking pride

as a man takes pride,

she hid her tenderness

deep inside

Calvin was her man

He understood her

and saw right through her, too

right through the brilliant,

careless self

the rest of the world

saw and knew,

Clear to her gentle, loving heart

which she was the first to scorn,

but her love flowed through her fingertips

for a colt, or a calf or

a child, newborn.