Stout Reunion at Bluffdale, Utah 1980's.

L-R Ruth McOmber Pratt, Murray Richardson with his wife, Enos Heward with his wife, and Frances B. McOmber in front by Ruth. How wonderful to have a family reunion every year at the Bluffdale Lion's Park. It is remarkable to think that the family that began over a century and a half ago is still having a circle letter, has a family organization, and has strong love and ties to each other. Every July 7-9th there is a Stout reunion which usually starts out with a temple session, a dinner at a restaurant, followed the next day by a family pot luck supper and a program (usually Friday), and an organized and lovely time together. David Fisk Stout and his wives can rejoice for their family has blessed this earth with missionaries, bishops, temple workers, patriarchs, Relief Society presidents, Primary workers, Mutual directors, church workers, dancers, educators, musicians, servants of the community and the country, and great strong families. Their sacrifice has blessed our generation, even unto the 4th and 5th generations and on into eternity. We are thankful.