The Four Corner Ranch.

After the Exodus from Old Mexico and the Mexican Revolution, Edward Richardson homesteaded the "Four Corner's Ranch" and let Daisie and her family have it. L-R front: Justin, Daisie with baby Glenn, David F. Stout (her father), Eunice, Sadie (Aunt), Beulah, Back: Joyce, Lyman, David, and Abe Stout It was a very hard time for the young family for they suffered great deprivation and hunger. Later Daisie moved to Logan and was close of her parents who aided her. Many McOmbers stayed with Aunt Daisie while attending school at Utah State University, Logan Utah. Though Aunt Daisie was severely crippled with arthritis, she would iron shirts and take in laundry to help provide for herself. She was very unselfish and donated $50.00 to the Daughters of Utah Pioneer museum. This was a great selfless gift and sacrifice.