Patison Delos Griffeth (about 1895).

Patison Delos Griffeth

Son of Judah and Mariah Rockwell Griffeth. He was the grandfather and mentor to Calvin Delos McOmber Sr. Patison was born January 3,1824 at Bury township (Berritown), Orleans, New York. After his parents accepted the gospel, he was baptized on April 7, 1841 in Amherst, Ohio at the age of seventeen. When he was twenty, he walked a great distance to attend the funeral of the Prophet Joseph Smith. At that time he attended the meeting when Brigham Young received the mantel of Joseph Smith. He was the only one of his family who followed Brigham Young and later went west. Patison later married Elizabeth Carson in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois on April 26, 1846. In 1850 mobs attacked a town where they were living. Patison hid his family in a corn patch praying that their lives would be spared. Due to persecutions they made plans to go West. They crossed the plains with the Garden Grove Co. (also Walton Co.) May 17, Sept. 24,1851. After crossing the plains they began to Pioneer Fairfield, Utah. He and Elizabeth had 8 children.

In 1860 they were called on a "settling mission" by Brigham Young to settle Hyde Park, Cache County. He served in the Nauvoo Legion & many bishoprics. He married a second wife Sarah Roberts on Feb. 7, 1863 at Hyde Park and they had 9 children. Patison was the first councillor to Bishop Hyde. P.D. Griffeth appears often in the ward records who gave blessings to babies, baptized, confirmed, and ordained to various offices of the priesthood. He was a great pioneer, a builder, carpenter, a talented musician and violin teacher. His carpentry skills were appreciated by his family and community. He was also known for his great dancing. He was 5 ft. 11 inches tall, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. He was stately, neat and kind. He taught the principles of the gospel without scolding, yet he was firm. He had a great sense of humor and enjoyed a good joke. He died May 11, 1901 at the home of his wife Sarah, in Star Valley, Wyoming and was buried at Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming.