Best E-mail of 1998

All years
Disclaimer: I have no idea whether these e-mails contain any truth whatsoever.
They were just interesting or funny, and I thought they were worth sharing.

How to tell if you're getting older.

Aging Fast
Things that happened yesterday, weren't really yesterday!

Incredible Anagrams
You wouldn't have thought these were possible.

Bart Simpson's Punishment
I can avoid the TV show, but these were too good to chuck.

A Better Airline Seat
A short true story to brighten your day.

The Big Exam
A clever professor's short exam.

Book of Gomer
Are you prepared for what's coming?

The Dangers of Bread
A quick example of how to lie with statistics.

Best Bumper Stickers
I suppose these were found on bumpers.

The Christmas Envelope
The only Christmas story I kept, because it's something we could all do.

Church Bloopers
Goofs on Church Bulletins.

Consumer Warnings
Consumer Warnings can be pretty stupid.

Court Disorder
Humorous lines from real court proceedings.

Cowboy Insults
Cowboys just say it better!

Cowboy Wisdom
Great tips to get through the day.

Darwin Awards for 1996
Awards for some of the stupidest ways to die, and hence improve the remaining gene pool.

Darwin Awards for 1997
Another great year.

Darwin Awards for 1998
Each year seems to be better. Are we really improving the species?

Almost Darwin Awards
Candidates for Darwin awards, and similar stuff.

How to Know if You're an Engineer
Check to see--you might be one in disguise.

A few rules to improve English, as you've always wanted.

Facts of Trivia
I suppose they are all true. After all, they came over the internet!

Nails in the Fence
A great example of teaching by doing.

With Fork In Hand
The best example of posthumous teaching by example that I've ever seen.

Genealogical Humor
Real statements from genealogy correspondence.

Why God is not Tenured
He couldn't make it at a University.

Best Headlines for 1997
Why didn't Jay Leno send me the best for 1998?

Ironic Occurrences
Life has some strange twists.

Learned by Age 50
We can all benefit from Dave Barry's perceptiveness!

Learned From Life
An Erma Bombeck editorial just before she died about what she'd do differently.

Learned From kids
Astute Observations from our Youth.

Letter of Recommendation
Two letters for the price of one.

The Memorial
A great, and I believe true short story.

How to Know if You're a Mormon
Some fairly sure signs.

Microsoft Cars
What Microsoft cars would be like.

Microsoft TV Dinners
What Microsoft TV dinners would be like.

Had Too Much of the Nineties?
How to know for sure.

Occupation Descriptions
Descriptions of Occupations

One Liners by Stephen Wright
Pretty good humor.

One Liners to Think About
Food for Thought.

The Top 50 Oxymorons
They really are the best 50 I know.

Performance Evaluations
Some fine lines from performance evaluations.

A Poe-m
For anyone who has used a computer.

Proverbs Finished by Kids
Kids can provide the second half of proverbs better than the originals!

The Worlds Easiest Quiz
Who's Buried in Grant's tomb?

A New Word Matching Quiz
Different from others you've seen!

A Personality Quiz
I have no idea if this has any merit whatsoever, but I couldn't throw it away.

Brain Teasers
Some fine brain teasers.

Resumé Bloopers
And also some fine self evaluation comments.

Rocket Science
A great story showing rocket scientists are like the rest of us.

I'll be Wearing a Red Rose
A fine anecdote about choosing wisely.

The Scuba Diver
How could a scuba diver end up in a forest fire?

Signs found around America
Clever signs from kowning double meanings in English.

Signs found around the World
Funny signs from not kowning double meanings in English.

Sleepy Suggestions
The top 15 things to say if caught sleeping at your desk.

Smithsonian Letter
A fantastic example of how to respond to a heckler.

The Special Occasion
Are you saving your crystal for a special occasion that will never come?

Students of the Savior
What if Jesus' students were like those today?

Stupid People
People do a lot of stupid things.

Think About It
Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?

Great tombstone epitaphs. I saw the one in Tombstone, Arizona.

Wash. Biol. Surv.
A funny lesson for the Washington Biological Survey.

Women's Questions
Tutoring for how to answer those difficult questions.

Rules of Writing
Examples of how to write good.