God Not Tenured

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Why God never received tenure at any university.

1. He only had one major publication, and it had no references.

2. Some people doubted he wrote it himself.

3. He never applied to an ethics board for permission to use human subjects.

4. He expelled his first two students- for learning.

5. When one particular experiment went awry, he tried to cover it up by drowning all the subjects.

6. He rarely appeared in class, usually just telling people to read the book.

7. His office hours were infrequent and usually held on a mountain top.

8. Although there were only ten requirements, the majority of students could never pass his tests.

9. It may be true that he created the world, but what has he done since?

If you're wondering if there's a reference on this, it's the February 1998 Reader's Digest page 120. Have a good one!