Best E-mail of 1999

All years
Disclaimer: I have no idea whether these e-mails contain any truth whatsoever.
They were just interesting or funny, and I thought they were worth sharing.

Big Rocks
A time management object lesson.

Blue Ribbons
Everyone deserves a blue ribbon in some area.

Decide to Love
A life changing experience in deciding to love.

Doctor Talk
The real meaning of doctors' words.

Creation of Dogs and Cats
Newly discovered chapter of Genesis explains origin of these pets.

If Dogs were our Teachers
The wonderful traits of dogs that we would do well to emulate.

Don't Blame God
A clever analogy of why we shouldn't blame God for allowing evil to exist.

Some funny stupid things people have said.

Easter Story Cookies
A recipe for cookies to tell the story of the Resurrection.

Genius Test
A fun test for a party (allow at least 20 minutes -- it's tough!)

God's Billboards
Some clever billboards with messages from God.

History Exam Answers
Funny answers that have been given on history exams.

A Brief History of the World
An amusing summary of world history.

Interviewing Don'ts
Real life funny examples of mistakes to avoid during job interviews.

Kids' Prayers
Some amusing prayers children have said.

Kids' Science
Children's understanding of the world around them.

Kids' Thinking
Another collections of the thinking of children.

Kids' Truths
Great lessons of life taught to us by children.

Kids' Wisdom
Guess I'm a sucker for all this kid wisdom stuff!

Grass Lawns
Why do we fight so hard to maintain those stupid lawns?

I've Learned . . .
Some lessons learned about life.

Lessons Learned
Another set of lessons of wisdom learned, that we might all do well to learn.

Life in the 1500's
An interesting description of life in the 1500's.

Funny quotes about marriage, many from famous people.

The Master's Hand
A master pianist encourages a youth.

Quiz for Men
Questions for men.

Men vs. Women
Some differences between men and women.

Metric Conversions
Some funny metric units.

It's Great to Be a Mom
A conversation about being a mother.

The Mule in the Well
A parable illustrating how being buried by problems can be a blessing.

Nine People Puzzle
An excellent visual perception puzzle.

No Time
A thought provoking poem about what we don't have time for.

Who is really rich and who is really poor?

Phrase Origins
The alleged origin of some common phrases.

Funny Resumés
Hilarious lines from real resumés.

Satan's Convention
Are we being caught in a satanic plan?

Refiner of Silver
What can be learned from a refiner of silver.

Funny solution reports about Air Force problems.

Nepalese Tantra
Some great sayings to meditate on.

Teenager Rules
Some rules of real life that teenagers might do well to learn.

Think Fast
A fast quiz with a surprising result.

Thoughts about Life
Humorous thoughts about life.

The Three Guests
What can be learned from three special guests.

Time For Bed
The difference between men and women when day is done.

Useful Tips
Clever uses of common items to solve problems.

A story of how much a window can mean to how we look at life.