A Tribute to

Calvin Delos McOmber, Sr.

The Patriarch of our Family


Achsah Stout McOmber

Beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother


Ruth McOmber Pratt
May 25, 1995

Table of Contents
Opening Prayer iv

Acknowledgments v

Chapter 1: Introduction 1

Chapter 2: Grandparents 11
Elizabeth Carson, 13
Great grandparents George Carson & Ann Hough, 22
Patison Delos Griffith, 23
Sarah Elizabeth Gibson, 29
Family Memories of Patison, 33

Chapter 3: Parents 59
Marinda Elizabeth Griffith, 60
Camp Floyd and Johnston's Army, 62
Exodus from Mexico, 68
Marinda's Last Years, 70
Orange McOmber, 75
Arthur Benjamin Clark, 86

Chapter 4: Calvin Delos McOmber, Sr. 95
Life History, 97
Testimony, 115
Patriarchal Blessing, 118

Chapter 5: Wife, Achsah Stout McOmber 131
Life in the Colonies of Mexico, 135
My Life History, 152
A Brief Autobiography, 176
Faith Promoting Incidents, 180
Patriarchal Blessing, 191
Funeral Services, 194
Father, David Fisk Stout, 200
Paternal grandparents, Allen and Amanda Stout, 207
Mother, Henrietta Cox Stout, 214
Maternal grandfather, Isaiah Cox, 219
Maternal great-grandparents, Jehu and Sarah Cox, 221
Maternal grandmother, Henrietta Janes Cox, 224
Maternal great-grandparents, Josiah and Asenath Janes, 227
Chapter 6: Posterity 237
Golden Wedding Anniversary, 238
Calvin, Sr., writes about his family, 244
Calvin D. McOmber, Jr., 248
George Emerson McOmber, 259
Arthur Fisk McOmber, 267
Ferryle Bryant McOmber, 276
Winston Isaiah McOmber, 286
Adrian Stout McOmber, 295
David Ivins McOmber, 302
Velma McOmber Teerlink, 315

Chapter 7: Additional Information 327
McOmber Ancestry by Niki Harrison McOmber, 328
Quakers in America, 341
Civil War and Pension Records of Orange McOmber,343
Letter by Richard McOmber to Eliza, 365
Stout letters and references, 375
Stout Reunion Program of 1993, 383
Cox family, 403
Janes, 408
Carsons, (from Black collection), 412
Calvin & Axie's Golden Wedding Guest List, 432
Griffiths Music: 441
Marinda Griffith's family,446

Dearest Family,

I Pray......

That we no longer be strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with each other and with the household of our fathers.

That we unite in the glory of our fathers on earth as well as our Father in Heaven who gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

That we learn to appreciate our forefathers who gave so much and did everything in their power to live the gospel of peace and to impart it unto us, their jewels, their greatest possession, their fondest hopes, their posterity.

That we give our greatest thanks unto them for their diligence, their loyalty, their example, and their faith. That we may repay our debt to them through our obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ, that when we see them face to face, we may embrace them and they will know we honored their name.

That we will be one with our fathers, and we will be sealed together through the great temple blessings and covenants, that we will rejoice in our reunion with them and eternally dwell together forever. My heart rejoiceth and I sing the song of joy and gladness forever and ever. For all our trials and all our pain will be swallowed up and we will live in His glory.

Ruth McOmber Pratt

Acknowledgements and Gratitude:

We want to express a Great Big THANKYOU to Aunt Grace for her GENEALOGY BOOK: Descendants of Orange McOmber 1844-1932, A family treasure.

THANKS also goes to Aunt Velma for preserving her father, Calvin's, keepsakes.

THANKS to David Teerlink for sharing them with us, the McOmber family. We are very grateful for this kind gift.

THANKS to John Paul Pratt for his teaching the computer to his wife, Ruth and spending time polishing the book and the technology of the computer world.

THANKS TO the entire family for sharing their thoughts, their pictures and their tributes to make this such a family treasure.

THANKS to the Carson and Griffith family histories and Brother Bernon Auger of 2717 Sweet Basil So, Kearns, for his contributions.

THANKS to Nikki Harrison McOmber for his McOmber research on the McOmber Heritage

THANKS to Lavern McOmber Brown for the Civil War records of Orange McOmber

THANKS to the BYU Family History Library, the Special Collection picture Archives, and especially Genevee Smith, Assistant volunteer helper. Her gift of the Mormon Colonies has given us many lovely colored photos. Thanks to the authors and photographers who gave me permission to use them.

THANKS to Susan Eastman Black for her great reference books for the Pioneers of 1840- 1890's found at the BYU family history , 4th floor section.

Uncertain Sanctuary by Estelle Webb Thomas. A book I highly recommend reading, found at the BYU Library.

Now each of the families need to write a history of their families and share it with us. I intend to donate a copy of this book to the Family History Dept of BYU for future generations to read and remember their great and wonderful heritage.
I write this with Love to you all!

Ruth McOmber Pratt
186 So. 1000 East
Orem ,Utah 84058