Calvin Delos McOmber Sr.
Life Story

Calvin Delos McOmber about 1920


Born: August 22, 1885 Hyde Park, Utah
Parents: Orange and Marinda McOmber
Sealed to Arthur B. Clark, March 1902, Logan Temple
Baptized Sept. 7, 1893 by George Seamons
Confirmed September 1893 by Charles Hyde
February 19, 1900 ordained a deacon by Bp. James Jensen Sr.
Feb. 12, 1905 ordained an elder by Samuel Jay Robinson
Married Achsah Stout: June 24, 1909 Guadalupe, Chihuahua, Mexico.
1910 bought twenty acres of land in Guadalupe
1912 ordained a Seventy by Apostle A W Ivins, March 23 at Colonia Juarez
Carpenter and teacher in Jaurez Academy, teacher of carpentry in Guadalupe, Contractor of Guadalupe chapel, Exodus from Old Mexico 1912.
Worked at Utah State Agricultural college for two years
1914 filed on a 320 acre dry farm in Oakley.
Stake Sunday School Board member at Oakley, & served in bishopric
1925 moved to Pocatello, Idaho, became a dairyman served in the Stake High Council for ten years
Ordained a Patriarch by President Steven L. Richards for the Pocatello Stake & later the West Pocatello Stake
gardener of Idaho Falls temple grounds, Contractor/ builder of 5th Ward Chapel, Pocatello;
1945 Achsah and Calvin served on a mission to Tampa Florida for six months
1949 served a mission to the Bannock Creek Indians for l 1/2 years
1958 moved to Salt Lake City
1959 called by President Moyle to act as Stake Patriarch in the Salt Lake Stake, and set apart as a temple worker, served in the 17th ward High Priest group.
Beloved father of eight children, and 50 grandchildren.
Died November 20, 1969 at Palo Alto, Santa Clara, California
Buried: November 22, 1969 at Wasatch Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Calvin writes a brief life history
from Aunt Grace McOmber's account

I was born August 22, 1885 in an adobe house near my Grandfather Griffith's home in Hyde Park, Cache, Utah. My father, Orange, evidently spent most of his time at Lewiston, Utah, about 20 miles north of Hyde Park, where he owned a farm, and where Aunt Vilda, his first wife, lived. My mother, his second wife, was Marinda Elizabeth Griffith. About the time we moved in with my grandparents, my younger sister, Minnie and I had whooping cough, at which time she also had pneumonia, and died at the early age of 20 months.

In the early winter of 1890, I went with mother to Grover, Wyoming in Star Valley, where she went to care for Aunt Phoebe Hyde during her expected confinement. After the baby was born, Aunt Phoebe died, and mother was asked to take the three young children to Hyde Park and care for them. This was during the crusade against Polygamists.

When I was four, Mother and I went to Bennington, Idaho to visit my father and Aunt Vilda. Father had many farm horses, which I enjoyed looking at in the corral. I have thought, in later years, that the purpose of the visit was to determine whether or not my parents would be divorced. Evidently, they decided to separate, for I didn't see my father again until the summer of 1925 when I visited him at the Soldier's Home in Roseburg, Oregon. He was burned to death there.(In l932 he died)

At six years of age, I started school in the vestry of the Ward Chapel, with Mary Ann Grant as my teacher until I passed in the 4th grade, then I went to the regular school house, with James William Hurn as my teacher. He was very courteous, and always raised his hat when meeting a person, even to me, a child. I would go out of my way to meet him and return the courtesy. I was baptized Sept. 7, 1893 by George Seamons, and confirmed the same day by Charles G. Hyde, Bishop

During my childhood from six to eleven years, while yet living in the home of my grandparents, it was my chore to get the wood and coal in each evening, milk the cows, and feed the pigs and chickens. I also fed the cows in the winter, and in the summer, I drove them to pasture. I walked 3/4 of a mile to the pasture twice each day, taking them there and getting them in the evening, always wishing for a horse and saddle, so I could ride.

In November 1897, Uncle Heman Hyde, who was the father of George, Ida and LeRoy, came to Hyde Park with a fine team of horses, and took us to Grover, Wyoming. I also had my black pony, Coaly, which I rode most of the way. We moved into the Kingston home 1/2 mile north of the Grover Ward Chapel. At this place, we were furnished eight cows to milk, to sell the cream to Mark Hurd Creamery, that we might have a little income, which was about $1.50 per week. The Hyde brothers furnished the cows, and meadow hay to feed them. Ida and I rode our pony to school. Gibson A. Condie was the teacher.

In 1898 my grandparents moved to Star Valley Wyoming and lived at Aunt Mary G. Hyde's new home, where they both died in 1898, and 1901. About 1900 I was sustained as assistant Sunday School Secretary in the Grover Ward, also as a teacher of the First Intermediate class; was ordained a Deacon 19 February, 1900, and set apart as president of the deacon's quorum. This position I held until we moved to Dublan, Old Mexico. In March 1903, Mother married Arthur Benjamin Clark, and we moved to Mexico in July of that year. We lived in the Mormon Colonies there with other polygamist families who were seeking to remain with and care for their families. I didn't intend to stay. but I found a spiritual, congenial atmosphere I enjoyed, and continued to stay there.

While looking for a farm in Guadalupe, I saw a girl about fourteen years old, who attracted my attention. She was Achsah Stout, daughter of David Fisk Stout and Henrietta Cox Stout; and later she became my wife. (four years later). We bought the farm at Guadalupe, and in February 1903, Mother, LeRoy Hyde and I moved to the farm. Wallace Clark went with us. I was set apart as Sunday School Superintendent February 12, 1904, with David Stout and Frederick J. Clark, assistants. Later, Achsah Stout was sustained as Secretary, and served in that position until 1909.

At a meeting of the heads of families, June 18, 1905, a committee consisting of Calvin D. McOmber, Frank E. Wall and Marinus Kock was appointed to work out plans, select a site and prepare for the building of a new chapel. I had charge of the chapel building, and also kept books on receipts and disbursements of chapel funds. The chapel was dedicated February 7, 1909, and Brother George A. Black became our Presiding Elder. He was later shot by a Mexican on May 30 Calvin and Achsah Stout were married by Bishop Albert Thurber
June 24, 1909 in the home of David F. Stout, Guadalupe, Old Mexico
Went to Salt Lake Temple and were sealed by President Winder October 7, 1909.

I purchased 20 acres of land from David F. Stout. LeRoy Hyde died of typhoid fever, and my mother went to Idaho. Soon after, on June 24, 1909, I was married to my Sunday School secretary, Achsah Stout, with Bishop Albert D. Thurber performing the ceremony at the home of David F. Stout. In September, Edmund and Daisy Richardson (Achsah's sister), Achsah and I left for Salt Lake City to be sealed in the temple, which ceremony was performed by President Winder, 7 October 1909.

After spending one year in Utah and Idaho, our first son, Calvin, was born April 11, 1910 in Groveland, Idaho (near Blackfoot). We went back to our land In Guadalupe, arriving Oct. 14, 1910, and expected to build a home. I was sustained as Sunday School Superintendent again, which position I held until we left Mexico. The school trustees met July 30, 1911, and chose Calvin D. McOmber to teach school the winter of 1911-12. My mother returned to Mexico to be with my family. Our second son, George Emerson McOmber, was born 24 January 1912 in Guadalupe.

I was ordained a Seventy by Apostle Anthony W. Ivins 23 March 1912 at Colonia Juarez. On Sunday, July 28th, word came to us to be in Dublan at the earliest possible moment to take a train for El Paso, because of the Mexican Revolution. My mother was seriously afflicted with arthritis, so I was urged to go and care for her, and 40 other women and children. Our exodus from Mexico was one of great sacrifice.

After being cared for in El Paso, we were provided transportation by train to Logan, Utah to the home of Aunt Helen Clark. We soon located a home with the aid of Bishops Joseph Newbold and John H. Anderson, and lived at 335 East 4th North. Bishop Anderson got me a job with my tools at Utah State Agricultural College. I did whatever work I could get until the spring of 1914, when we went to Burley, and on to Oakley, Idaho. We filed on a 320 acre dry farm, and later purchased 22 acres of irrigated land. In May 1914, I was appointed a member of the Stake Sunday School Board at Oakley, and on December 14th was ordained a High Priest. I was set apart as second counselor to Bishop John A. Elison, and later was a counselor to Bishop George H. Severe. While in Oakley, five more sons were added to our growing family. We had a hard time to survive. We obtained whey from the local cheese factory. Although it was not too tasty, it enabled us tosurvive. The United States had built a dam for an irrigation project, but the water never filled up the dam, so the farm was unsuccessful.

1916 Calvin D. McOmber Sr. served as Second Councillor, 2nd Ward, Burley Stake, Oakley, Idaho.
L to R, front: George H Severe, Melvin Walker, Charles Height (blessed Winston), Bishop John Elison, 1st councillor, Wallace A Hale, 2nd coun. Calvin D. McOmber Sr.
1st row, standing, Ruby Hale, Genenieve Hunder, Estelle Nelson, Attla Baker, Thurza Hunter, Jennie Hale, Edith Bark, Casper Whittle, Lorenzo Wilson; Back: Cyrus Hunter and Elmao and Harlow Haight.
2nd Row Louisa Hale, Bertha Severe, Lottie Bach, Locia Hunter, Bertha Seamons, Ascal Eixon, John J Seamons.
Below is the Cassia Stake Tebernacle and Oakley 2nd Ward house.
1924 the Oakley Elementery Football team
L to R: Myron Wilson, ?, Jack Randall, Albert Hales, Dank Clark, Freddie Martindale, ?,
Coach, center: LaMont Butler, Aaron Horne
In June 1925, a move was made to Pocatello, Idaho, where farming, building, and dairying was our occupation. Two months later, I was appointed as a Stake Sunday School Board member. I served on the Stake High Council for ten years; then was ordained a Patriarch by President Steven L. Richards, to labor in the Pocatello Stake, and later in West Pocatello Stake.

Arden Hale told me of a 65 acre farm for lease, owned by S.E. Brady. We leased the place for fifteen years, without renewing the contract. I built a four room home with a full basement for the first five year lease, then we paid $40.00 a month for the farm. We set up a good Guernsey herd and built a profitable business, selling milk and cream. We purchased the house we had built, and lived there for 31 years, during which time our family of seven fine sons, and one lovely daughter, Velma, grew to maturity and were married, all having been sealed in the Temple. Six of our sons filled full time missions. Several worked in the stake missions, and all have held many responsible positions in the Church of LDS.

In the spring of 1945, we rented the farm and cows to David (seventh son) and by invitation from the Idaho Falls Temple Presidency, I went to work on the Temple grounds with Brother Warler. The following July, David was drafted in the Infantry, and I returned to care for the farm.

Bishop Henderson asked Achsah and me if we could go on a mission for the Church. We agreed to go for six months, and left for the mission home in Salt Lake City in October, 1945. We were assigned to Tampa, Florida, arriving November 3. I was second counselor to Brother Brooks, and we worked in Tampa the entire time of our mission. We returned home in May, 1946.

On August 22, 1949, we were asked to serve a mission among the Bannock Creek Indians, with whom we labored as Stake missionaries for 1 1/2 years. After our release there, we taught the Special Interest group in MIA. I taught the Senior Aaronic class in Pocatello l6th ward for about one year. The ward was reorganized, so we were then living in the 16th ward instead of the 5th ward. I was asked to work on the Stake Senior Aaronic committee, my son, Calvin, as class instructor. I helped in Calvin's absence. Several groups of very fine young men and women were reactivated, a very rewarding effort, which terminated for me when we moved to Salt Lake City November 1, 1958. We purchased a home at 549 De Soto St. We resided there until May 26, 1959, then moved into an apartment at 122 Duplex Place and rented our home out. We later sold it to our son Winston.

On November 18, 1959, I was appointed by President Henry D. Moyle to act as Stake Patriarch in the Salt Lake Stake, and was set apart as a temple worker; also served as the class leader of the 17th ward High Priest group. The date of the last Patriarchal blessing recorded by Calvin D. McOmber was Oct. 10, 1968, and was numbered 2,174."

Calvin and Ashsah lived their last few months together at their daughter, Velma's home. Calvin had struggled with Diabetes and had to watch his diet very closely. He died November 20, 1969, at Palo Alto, Santa Clara, California and was buried November 22, 1969 at Wasatch Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, Utah. His wife, Achsah moved to Pocatello and lived with Calvin and Frances the remaining years of her life. She died of a stroke on January 1971 and was buried by the side of her husband, January 18 at Wasatch Memorial. In SLC, Utah. Her last request was that she would never go to a rest home. She had lived her last days on the McOmber homestead, 2715 Pole Line Rd., with Calvin Jr.and Frances, Pocatello, Idaho. 1925-26, Our first business venture at Pocatello, Idaho, the McOmber orange drink and candy stand.
1. Our home at 258 Roosevelt Ave, Pocatello
2. Our home at 238 Roosevelt Ave. Pocatello
3 Our home at 2715 Pole Line Rd, Pocatello built by Calvin Sr. He built it the later part of 1929 and first part of 1930 and moved into May, 1930. Here the family went to and returned from their missions and war service. The home was removed to the present location from 2711 Pole Line Rd.

Back to front: L to R: Calvin D Jr., Emerson, Arthur
Center: Ferryle, Winston, Adrian holding baby Velma and David in the front
David and Velma about 1932 1.Pocatello and the McOmber Dairy: Calvin and Achsah owners of the dairy,

2.The cows crossing Pole Line Road and corner of Cedar St., Okamura's home is in the background.

3. The shed where dairy supplies were kept

The Fifth Ward Chapel, President Heber J. Grant came to dedicate the building. "Brother Don Miner had charge of putting the concrete foundation. I (Calvin Sr.) supervised the laying of brick and setting of doors and window frames. I made and dated the corner stone, and dated it, made the sone over the front door also the window sills and key stones and corner stones in the arch of the windows, all stones were of concrete. Calvin Jr. And Ferrin Hale mixed mud and waited on masons, Brother Brimhall and Jack Palmer." C.D. McOmber wrote on the back of picture. The 5th Ward girls chorus whose husbands and sweethearts were serving in the armed forces during world war #2, (Note: Aunt Louise is the front left singer.)

Summer of 1940, 2715 Pole Line,Pocatello, Idaho
L to R: Back, Arthur, Adrian, Emerson, Calvin Jr, Winston, Ferryle
Front: Velma, Calvin D Sr., Achsah and David
June of 1940, L.toR Back: Winston, Emerson, Arthur, Father, Calvin, Ferryle, David, Calvin, Adrian
Front: Josie and Emerson Jr, June, Achsah, Velma, George, Frances October 22, 1960 Worked on concrete forms for cattle shed, at Salt Lake Stake Farm, CD McOmber at right , wearing plaid shirt #4
CALVIN DELOS MCOMBER Sr. His Testimony, entitled:

Written July 10, 1954 for the 9th Ward paper for the Elders and Service men, at the request of Brother Gilbert

Who is the God worshipped by the so-called Christian world? Rather mythical, is He not, to be infinite, all powerful, yet invisible, without form, parts or passions?

Does this God conform to your idea of your Heavenly Father? As Latter day Saints, we accept the scripture Gen. l:27, "So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them."

Evidently, if God made man in His own image, He then has a tangible body with attributes and passions, for we are told in Holy Writ, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." We are assured that Christ was in the express image of His Father. Hebrew 1:3. Therefore, God must be a personal being, as was His Son, Jesus Christ, who came and dwelt among men.

An invisible God, with no form, no body, no parts or passions, would have no relationship to man with his form, intelligence, passion, and aptitudes. The so-called Christian world uses evidences of God as their God, and worship them, rather than understanding and worshipping the true, living, personal God.

The manifestations of God's power are universal. They may be expressed in the earth quake, lightnings, thunder, or in mercy, kindness, by the whispering comfort to the bereft, answering prayer in granting a humble request such as His answer to Joseph Smith, who sought light and truth, and showed Himself with His Son, Jesus Christ, as a Being with a glorified body, in form as that of man, by His own voice acknowledged His Son, who also spoke as one man speaks to another.

God manifested Himself to Adam, to Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah. Christ manifested himself among men during His ministry, doing the will of His Father, who had sent him, stating, "He that hath seen me, hath seen the Father."

The prayer of the Redeemer to His Father in Gethsemane, pleading that the bitter cup might pass, if it be His Father's will, gives evidence of two distinct persons as Father and Son.

God is a jealous God. Ex. 20:5. God is love. Jeremiah. 32:3, "Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love." Man is like God in form. Christ walked with his disciples, who at first knew him not. At the tomb, the resurrected Lord was thought by Mary Magdalene, to be the gardener, who is in likeness with the Father, giving evidence of the similarity in form to that of man.

From scripture and experiences noted, may we conclude that God is a personal, tangible being and that man was created in His own image as stated in Gen. 1:27. May we then accept of the testimonies of his servants, the Prophets that He manifests Himself in person to them, both the Father and the Son?

Let us accept of the declaration by Joseph Smith that God, the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ answered his (Joseph's) prayer in person, and through revelations and visitations of Heavenly beings restored to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, the Priesthood, with authority to administer the ordinances of and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and organize His (Christ's) church.

May we realize the significance of these great and marvelous manifestations given in these latter days and accept of the witness of the Holy Ghost that these things are true, to which I bear testimony in the name of Christ, the Lord.
Calvin D. McOmber, Sr Calvin and Achsah in front of the 17th Ward in Salt Lake City, Utah where he served as a stake patriarch and worked at the Salt Lake Temple.

COLONIA DUBLAN, MEXICO, OCTOBER 9TH, 1903, A BLESSING UPON THE HEAD OF CALVIN DELOS MCOMBER, BY PATRIARCH CHARLES PULSIPHER. Calvin, son of Orange McOmber and Marinda E Griffith, born August 22, 1880 in Hyde Park, Cache Co. Utah.

Brother Calvin, I lay my hands upon your head and confer upon you a Patriarchal blessing. Thy lineage is of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. Hence thou art entitled to all the blessings of Joseph's children, therefore be diligent and prayerful in thy youthful days, for the Lord has a great work for you to perform. For in due time you shall receive the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood which will authorize you to minister in the different ordinances of the gospel, lay hands upon the sick, and through thy faith have power to cast out evil spirits, and you shall be called to minister in the Gospel and carry glad tidings of great joy unto many. Therefore prepare thyself for you will need all the wisdom and ability and the assistance of the Lord continually to guide your footsteps and lead you to the honest in heart, and you shall have power to teach them and baptize many. You shall have power to speak the language of any nation or people amongst whom your lot is cast and when you are brought before Kings and Magistrates, the spirit of your high calling shall rest upon you, that you shall be able to confound the wisdom of the wise and show them the folly of their ways. Teach them the principles of eternal truth, that they will be compelled to hear and obey thy words, or come under condemnation of the Almighty for thy testimony shall stand at the judgement day against them except they obey. Therefore put thy whole trust in the Lord and He will direct you aright and give unto you companions for time and all eternity. Hence your sons and daughters shall be born in the new and everlasting covenant, literal heirs unto the Holy Priesthood, and thy name shall be handed down to future generations with honor and respect, because of thy faithful labors in this probation, and when you have lived until you are satisfied with life, and completed all that was in your power, you may look back with joy and satisfaction upon your labors, having fought the good fight and overcome---doing a great work for thy relatives and redeemed many from their prison confinement, and brought them out to rejoice with you in the bonds of the new and everlasting covenant. These blessings are for thine aid and guidance to be an encouragement unto you through future life, for I seal them upon your head and reconfirm all former ordinances and blessings and seal you up until the morning of the first resurrection, by virtue and authority of my Holy Patriarchal calling to come forth and receive a Celestial body, clothed with light and intelligence and the spirit of Eternal truth. I do this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
Acting secretary: Arthur B. Clark
Journal entries of April 1, 1944 Journal entries of May-June 1944 Journal entries of Sept. And Oct. 1944 Christmas greetings from the Salt Lake Temple Presidency Certificate for West Pocatello Stake Mission The Chronicle
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Four Generations: Calvin Jr., Richard (first grandchild and great grand child) with Dad, George, and
Calvin Delos McOmber Sr.
Obituary; Calvin McOmber, Sr.