Chapter 1

Calvin Delos McOmber, Sr.
To our beloved family Patriarch

August 22, 1885-November 20, 1969
by Ruth McOmber Pratt

Grandfather, truly you are great & grand
A farmer, working daily in the soil
not a better man in all the land
Your life knew the words, work & toil.

Carpenter, teacher, missionary too
you were there to lend a hand
Our love and friendship we'll renew
we hope, by your side to someday stand

A man of dignity and strength
Living the gospel was your plea
Your stride, strong and a wondrous length
Your joy, was your posterity.

Your memory lingers with us still
Your love, your goodness we review
A life well lived, you did fulfill
This tribute we lovingly give to you

Calvin Delos McOmber Sr, age 17, 1902


by Ruth McOmber Pratt 1995

My Grandfather, Calvin D. McOmber Sr., will always be remembered with great love and adoration by many whose lives he touched. He was a man who was devoted to his family, his country, and his God. From the front page of his journal he quotes Cicero:

Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable than fidelity, faithfulness, and truth are the most sacred excellences and endowments of the human mind.

These truths were exemplary of the kind of life Calvin Delos McOmber Sr. embraced and lived. He was very faithful to the Christ-like ethics of a true Latter-day Saint.
Calvin Delos McOmber Sr. Genealogy


Among Calvin Sr.'s keepsakes was found this poem written by
Leona Jolley, 1966. Truly his own philosophy:

I don't want to live in a polished world,
Let me dig life from the quarry;
Let me feel the grit, the rub, and the grind,
Experience the doubt, the fear and the worry.
Give me the diamonds that shine in the rough,
With toil let me earn their bright beauty.
Give me experience of fighting my fight,
Let my soul feel it's own weight of duty

I want what is true, genuine, and real,
To know the truth that can make me free.
Not fettered with superstition and whims,
But learning obedience through loyalty.
KNOW, this life after death goes on,
That we each shall make our own heaven,
Before I'm leaving this world
Let me build, a useful mansion of peace, not a prison.

By Leona Jolley

You have your record finished and look at it with pride,
You glory in the living and love those who have died.
You have their births and weddings, also who is the mate,
A record of their children, their experiences relate.

You recorded Temple marriages, sealing and endowments too.
These ordinances have all been done, what more is there to do?

To this story you should know,
I am a distant relative
Who lived so long ago
When there were no Gospel privileges
Here upon the earth,
For darkness covered all the minds
When I was granted birth.
No Priesthood, and no light from heaven,
No precious truths revealed;
No one to teach us, that through Love
Our future fate was sealed.
We had no scriptures, no just law
No revealed words were given;
No one to point the way for us,
To chose between hell and heaven;
Our lives were one of suffering
Of longing, doubt and fear,
Of waiting for the future
The promised visions to appear.
Now YOU have all these promised gifts,
Truth, Light and Knowledge rare..
You also have an obligation
With us, these gifts to share.
God gave you all these privileges
From Darkness kept you free
So I plead with you my relatives
So dear Grandfather, we want to honor your great life and write this tribute to you. We will not forget you and the many great sacrifices you have given to us your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

I remember Grandpa when I was growing up on the McOmber Homestead at 27l5 Pole Line Road, Pocatello Idaho. I can still see grandfather in his carpentry overalls working on one project or another. The sound of hammering, sawing, and fixing was common around the McOmber home. A very skilled and talented carpenter, Grandfather was always busy doing one job after another. Keeping up the apartments he rented was a full time job. He enjoyed gardening too. Roses trellised the home and irrigation day was just part of the normal routine of watering our garden, trees, and lawn. We had our turn for irrigating once a week. I have to mention irrigation day because it was so fun to run through the deep water, splashing and sliding while grandfather and my dad watched the water run down each row of plants and they saw to it that everything got a good drink each week.

As a retired man, he spent much time doing temple work along with the up-keeping of his apartments. He was the stake patriarch. I'll never forget when I received my patriarchal blessing from Grandfather. How wonderful it was to have his hands placed upon my head as he gave me such a beautiful blessing. My mind often goes back to that sweet and spiritual experience. Countless people have stopped me and commented, "Oh yes, your grandfather gave me my patriarchal blessing." Both my father and my grandfather served in this calling for the West Pocatello Stake, Pocatello Idaho.

After Grandfather moved to Salt Lake City in l960, my father, Calvin D. McOmber Jr., also became a stake patriarch. Today, l995, my brother George is also serving as patriarch in American Falls, Idaho. It seems that it is a family tradition with us.

There were several homes on the McOmber Homestead property. My father built the main red brick home (2715 Pole Line Road) for his parents, who lived there until 1960. The other home where I lived, was a white frame house behind where our family all lived until that year. When my grandparents moved to Salt Lake city, we moved into their home at 27l5 Pole Line. We had lived behind them in a little white frame home at 27l5 1/2. Grandfather and Grandmother's home had been my second home for my first fifteen years. Many hours were spent with them. I used to help Grandma baby-sit the children she tended, and I was her beautician for Sunday, her grocery shopper, her stair cleaner and her all-round helper, always doing a myriad of other odd jobs she always had me do. "Idleness is the Devil's workshop" she would quote and off she would send me to do a job.

In the 50's something changed our household. My grandparents bought a television which was the new invention that filled our hearts with glee. We did not own such a luxury, so this was a great invitation for us children. Yes, Grandma even let us see a few shows, after the work was done. Every Saturday night I would go to see the Lawrence Welk Show. This was the high-light of my grandparents week. They would sit hand in hand, tears in their eyes as they enjoyed the lovely music. Grandfather even bought a black and white Dodge which that show advertised. Often I would sing for them at their request. They were my best audience.

I always remember Grandfather as a real gentleman. On Sunday, he dressed so well. He wore high topped shoes to help support his arthritic ankles. They were always shined and polished. His suit and hat made him look so distinguished . In his Sunday suit, pressed and cleaned to perfection, he always looked like a real proper gentleman. He gave wonderful sermons at church. I can still see him at the pulpit of the old 5th ward chapel, bearing his testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. I knew it was true because of his great testimony. My mother often said that Grandfather would have made a very good lawyer because he could express himself so well.

Grandfather was often my substitute father for primary functions and socials. He was my date at a primary "Daddy Daughter Date". My father was so busy with church work and teaching, that he had very little time to be with us children. How I remember Grandfather dancing, wincing a little with arthritis, and enjoying himself with me. He was a very gentle, loving man to us grandchildren and we loved him very much.

Grandfather adored his wife Axie, (short for Achsah). They both were so devoted to each other all their lives. Grandfather always would tell Gandma how pretty she was and open the door for her. He respected her advice and I often overheard them chatting and reviewing their day's work and plans. Grandma seemed to have a mind for organizing work and jobs for everyone, something I admire to this day.

After they moved to Salt Lake City, they lived mostly at l22 Duplex Place, just one block north west of the temple. It in no longer there, having been replaced by new apartments. Grandfather spent the last part of his life working at the Salt Lake Temple and serving as Stake Patriarch. Though his ankles hurt him, he would arise early and walk to the temple. Sugar diabetes later overcame him and in l969 he passed away. I was present when he was in the hospital with Aunt Velma in California. Our family had gone to his bedside. He kept telling us that he needed his temple clothes so he could work at the next session. He was fading in and out and keeping conversation with others we could not see. His last words to me was, "Ruth, beautiful Ruth," which made such an impression on me for such a dear compliment. We kissed good-by to each other, knowing that he was going to a better place and on to another mission.

To understand grandfather better, let us turn the time clock back to his grandparents, Elizabeth and Patison Griffith of the 1800's. They were the parents of Marinda Elizabeth Griffith, Calvin's mother.

Family Books delivered as of September 22, 1995

Velma Teerlink Paid 60.00 for two books, I sent two
She visited Provo, Sept 20th, Paid for vidio $20.00
I gave her a book for Suzette (Not paid)* *
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Velma paid for the 10 extra dollars postage and I can't remember if she gave me a $20 or a $10 so I'll call her.

Uncle David Paid: August 8th 31.00 dollars for his own copy.
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My dear brother George paid $600.00 for 20 books for all the grand children. I received $600.00 for taking care of three Japanese exchange students this year. This was a God-send to pay my binding bill. With George's early payment and our cute girls from Japan, I made the BYU printing bill. I feel very happy and blessed in this effort.

Welcome to the McOmber get-togethers of 1995,
at Uncle John and Aunt Ruth's home.

We are family and we hope you have a great year at BYU. If you need any help or just a little visit, please feel free to call me, Aunt Ruth at 226-2373.

I would love our cousins and friends to come to our home for refreshments after each fire side on the first Sunday of each Month starting in November

November 5th come over for John's (Jr.) Birthday party
December 3rd come over for Christmas treats
January 7th Happy New Year so lets celebrate!
February 4. Come over for Valentine surprises
March 3, St. Patrick's surprise, so don't miss it
April 7, Easter Sunday so let's have an Easter Egg hunt
May 5th A month to rejoice and rough the finals, so let's have some goodies. Congratulations, you made it!

Come and get your family history book: A tribute to Calvin D McOmber Sr. and Achsah Stout McOmber for only 31 dollars. I hope everyone will get one and learn about your ancestors.

Love to you all, Aunt Ruth

If you know anyone we are missing please bring them!

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