Best E-mail of 2013

All years
Disclaimer: I have no idea whether these e-mails contain any truth whatsoever.
They were just interesting or funny, and I thought they were worth sharing.

1947 & 1948
A political mystery is cleared up.

Amazing Card Trick
Shows how easily you can be suckered! No fair reading on before figuring it out!

Aerial Combat Tactics
Some of best aerial combat fighting tactics witnessed by a fighter pilot was above his corn field.

Amazing Pictures
Amazing pictures of sights all around the world.

Animal Threesomes

Astounding Accident
A truly spectacular car accident which will cause you to consider what life is about.

Auto Trivia
Some fun questions and answers about autos, along with some great pictures.

Nothing like being aware of one's surroundings!

Bird Nest Marvels
Amazingly engineered bird's nests!

Brain Study
Fun exercises for the brain.

Computer Tech Questions
Funny questions received by computer tech support.

Fantastic Nature
Some truly amazing photos.

Funny Signs
Some hilarious signs!

God's Most Beautiful
God's creation is full of awesome sights!

Historical Photos
Photos and descriptions that tell us what it was like to be there and, perhaps, surprise us with something we didn't know and haven't seen.

Incredible Animal Photos
Some of the best!

Laws of Nature
You might have discovered some of these immutable laws yourself!

One Liners
These are so good they must be Steven Wright.

Outdoorsman Stove
Stove made of one log. It takes about 10 minutes to build a stove like this.

Paper Sculptures of Native American Scenes
Some truly unbelievable sculptures made of paper!

Perfectly Timed Animal Photos
Some truly unbelievable photos!

Some excellent puns!

Putin vs. Obama
Comparison of macho Putin to sissy Obama.

Reaction Time Game
See if you are faster than the speeding sheep!

Road Rage Solution
One man's solution to road rage.

Snow Quilts
Amazing designs in the snow by Artist Simon Beck.

Springtime in Holland
First Day of Spring Like You've Never Seen it Before!

Stacked Firewood
Amazingly artistic stacks of firewood!

Steven Wright Humor
Hilarious astute observations. You'll have to read more than once.

Stunning Photos
Most Stunning Photos of 2012.

Texas Gun Control
Map of location of all homes of Texas gun owners.

Tree Tunnels
The Ten Most Beautiful Tree Tunnels in the World.

True Inner Peace
Who can find true inner peace?