Putin vs. Obama: Macho-man vs. Sissy Boy

This year
All years

Young Putin was serious.

Young Obama was a pot-smoking clown.

Putin: Blackbelt in Judo.

Obama: winces like a girl at the sight of Judo.

Putin rides horses.

Obama rides girlie bicycle with helmet.

Putin plays with loaded rifles.

Obama ......... plastic squirt guns.

Putin power-swims in cold lakes.

Flabby Obama wades in the Hawaii shallows.

Putin drinks his beer like a man.

Obama: pinky extended, eyes shut.

Putin: Formula I race cars.

Obama ..... well.

Putin: Navy speedboats

Obama: Boogie boards

Putin is muscular.

Obama is a skinny legged runt.

Putin fishes like a man.

Obama .........well.

Putin controls his dog without a leash.

Obama's dog walks him!

Putin proudly sings his nation's anthem.

Obama doesn't care!

Putin sits like a man.

Obama sits like one of the girls.

Putin: Eye of the Tiger

Obama: Feminine look & stupid, plastic smile.

Putin folk dances with REAL women.

Obama girly dances with lesbians.

Putin married this soft spoken beauty.

Obama ...... well ...

Rumor: Putin's mistress

Rumor: Obama's "mistress"

Putin is great with babies.

Babies don't like Obama.

Putin looks China's president in the eye.

Obama bows like a weak dog.

Putin looks the Saudi king in the eye.

Why does Obama bow?

Putin looks Japan's emperor in the eye.

What's wrong with this idiot?

Putin has a tough-guy book cover.

Obama ... well.

Putin has a tough looking magazine cover.

Obama is an embarrassment to America!!