Calendars and Chronology

Introduction to Calendars
What's the difference between the Julian and Gregorian Calendars? What's a lunisolar calendar?

Introduction to Sacred Calendars
Overview of my work on sacred calendars, including a compelling example from the life of Christ.

Frequency asked questions about calendars and chronology.

Introduction to the Hebrew Calendar
The Hebrew Calendar aligns the cycles of both the moon and the sun.

Introduction to the Calendars of Central America
The Aztec Calendar, Mayan Calendar, and nearly every calendar of Central America were very similar to each other, and were considered very sacred.

Articles about calendars and chronology, now available in a book.

Conversion Programs
Convert dates on our Gregorian calendar to the Old Style Julian, Hebrew, Mayan and other calendars.

Calendar Spreadsheet
A sort of spreadsheet for making a list of dates converted to several calendars.

Calendar Math Utilities
Utilities to calculate realignment cycles, useful for designing calendars.

Sacred Score Calculator
Calculates a score for each day for any interval of dates, listing the most holy days.

Wall Calendar
A Wall Calendar for the 2017-2018 sacred year is now available showing eight sacred calendars.