Sacred Score Calculator

by John P. Pratt
Updated 27 Feb 2017

This Java program ranks the sacred days in any interval during history. The holy days are divided into four categories: gold, silver, bronze, and iron. Those four scores are listed in order in parentheses following the total. Ranking is done first by the total number of holy days and then in order of color. Only the 50 dates with the highest total scores are listed. Only dates which are sacred on at least one calendar are listed. This program requires Java and probably won't run on smart phones. If all you see is a blank screen below, Java needs to be activated.

The scores are calculated for each quarter day. Only the intervals scoring highest for each day are listed: "am*" means midnight to 6 am (sundial time), "am" means 6 am to noon, "pm" means noon to 6 pm, and "pm*" means 6 pm to midnight. The scores are followed by the holy day names for the last quarter-day interval listed. The calendar for each is abbreviated in parentheses: Venus (V), Mars (Ma), Uniform Venus (UV), Uniform Mars (Ma), Perpetual Hebrew (PH), Enoch (E), Uniform Enoch (UE or UE2), Uniform Hebrew (UH or UH2), Jubilee (J), Uniform Jubilee (UJ), Sacred Round (SR), Priest (P), Mercury (M), and Uniform Mercury (UM). For other intervals, enter the desired beginning and end dates in the format shown (3-day month abbreviations only, add BC if needed), then press "Go" for results, which can be sorted by score or date. Maximum score possible is 14.