Henrietta Janes

Isaiah Cox
3 Children including
Henrietta Cox
Father: Josiah Janes
Mother: Asenath Slafter
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Henrietta Janes was born March 8, 1835 in Mansfield, Connecticut. Her parents joined the LDS church and moved to Nauvoo in 1841 where she attended school. From June 2, 1852 to September 12, 1852 she crossed the Great Plains with her widowed mother, Asenath. She walked the entire way at the age of 17. They moved to Fort Union where she met and married Isaiah Cox January 1, 1856.Later she went on a settling "Cotton mission" with her husband to southern Utah.

She knew exile 3 times in her life: from Nauvoo, Illinois, from Rockville, Utah, and from Old Mexico colonies, all from religious persecutiojn. As a child, her family was driven out of Nauvoo, as a young woman she left Rockville to avoid the Marshal raids resulting from polygamy, and she escaped from the terrorists that were in the Mexican Revolution when Diaz burned and drove out the Mormon Colonists.

She was a valiant mother and pioneer, and hadnine children. She looks regal. Where did they get such nice clothes? They raised silk worms and planted mulberry trees for their food. Her granddaughter Achsah remembers the mulberry trees in front of the Rockville home. The Stouts and Coxes were called by Brigham Young to grow cotton. They also made woolens and silks. She was an LDS temple worker at the St. George, Temple, and died June 17, 1917 St. George, Utah