Henrietta Cox

David Fisk Stout
Several Children including
Achsah Stout
Father: Isaiah Cox
Mother: Henrietta Janes
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Mother to Achsah, born November 25, 1856 at Fort Union, Utah.Today Fort Union is a huge business area and town mall in Salt Lake City, Utah. The old fort is now gone, but a marker still is there for historians.Rettie was the oldest child of Isaiah and Henrietta Cox.She was blessed by her grandfather Jehu Cox on March 8th, 1857.Rettie was baptized by William Carter at St. George, October, 3, 1867. She was the oldest of 29 children. She was well educated at St. George, Utah. She was known for her strict discipline and dedication. She was married May 17, 1875 to David Fisk Stout in the endowment house by Wilford Woodruff. David and "Rettie" lived in Rockville for twenty two years. She was president of the YWMIA, Primary, a Relief Society teacher, a school teacher of Rockville, Utah. She taught at Diaz and Juarez Old Mexico. She was a great teacher to her children and to the church.

She was also a Mid-wife. She knew trials of Small Pox, losing children to illness, losing her home and possessions when leaving Old Mexico due to the Mexican Revolution. She lived with Achsahfrom 1912-1916. Her advice to Achsah was, "See to it the children are taught and trained in obedience to their father and yourself." She retired as a temple worker at Logan, Utah and served her children and grand children. She raised five of her seven children to adulthood. Her seven children were: Henrietta, David, Daisie, Achsah (Axie),Aureta (Artie), Dewey, and Leland. Leland and Henrietta lived only one year.

From her daughter Achsah: "My mother had a splendid education. Her early life was spent in Union FortSalt Lake, Utah and Fairview, San Pete County, Utah. Her later childhood and early womanhood was spent at St. George, Utah. Her early married life was spent in Rockville. She taught school many years,edited a paper, served as president of the Primary, Mutual, Relief Society, and was a promoter of laworder, culture, and education.

She lived in Rockville from 1875 to 1897. In 1902, Mother and her family moved to Guadelupe,Mexico. She left there with the Mormon Saints when they were driven out of warring factions of Mexico. Prior to this, Father and mother lived in Diaz in 1901. After leaving Guadelupe, my parents moved to Logan, Utah in 1912. Mother lived with me from 1912 to 1916. She returned to Logan to her husband,and stayed with her daughter Artie (Aureta) and husband Donald C. Black at Terminal, Salt Lake Co. Later they lived at Oneida, Idaho and Hyrum from Nov. 22, 1925 to 1932 in Logan." She died Sept. 9, 1935 in Logan, Cache Co., Utah. She was a very honored pioneer mother!