Fourth Annual Utah Valley Open

by John P. Pratt

The Fourth Annual Utah Valley Open Table Tennis Tournament was be held on Saturday, May 1, 2004, sponsored jointly by Pleasant Grove City Recreation and the Timpanogos Table Tennis Club. Table tennis is a very popular Olympic sport in Europe and Asia, and is gaining popularity in the United States because it is a life-long sport in which youth, men, women, the elderly and the handicapped can all compete together. The tournament was played according to U.S.A.T.T. standards, including the new 40 mm larger ball and the 11-point game. Matches were held in the popular modified round-robin format when feasible, which allows all players to play the same number of matches rather than being eliminated after only one or two losses.

Tournament Results

All 22 entrants in the Round Robin Open Singles have their final rank listed, as well as the Women's Singles, Mixed Doubles, and Age events, all of which were in Round Robin format. The only double elimination tournament was the Open Doubles, where as many final places as possible are listed. Here are the results in the order of events played.

14 & Under

No entrants.

18 & Under

No entrants.

Women's Singles

Women's Singles. First Place: Meg (right). Second Place: Javza.
  1. Batchimeg (Meg) Tsedenbal
  2. Javzandulam (Javza) Gaav
  3. Karlee Rehrer
  4. Mary Pratt

Mixed Doubles

Mixed Doubles. First Place: Zorigt & Meg (left & right). Second Place: Bat & Javza (middle)
  1. Zorigt (Joey) Radnaased & Batchimeg (Meg) Tsedenbal
  2. Bat Erdene & Javzaandulam Gaav (Javza)
  3. John Pratt & Mary Pratt
  4. Ryler Rehrer & Karlee Rehrer

Open Doubles

Open Doubles. First Place: Zorigt & Craig Zimmerman (right). Second Place: Doug Hansen, Jeff St.Clair (left)
  1. Zorigt (Joey) Radnaased & Craig Zimmerman
  2. Jeff St. Clair & Douglas Hansen
  3. Ziniu Zhou & Dennis Cao
  4. Batchimeg (Meg) Tsedenbal & Richard Sang
  5. Grant Misbach & Matt Misbach
  6. John Pratt & Tyler Rehrer
  7. George Guo & Walt Milem

Age 40-49

Age 40-49. First Place: Zorigt (right). Second Place: George Guo (left)
  1. Zorigt(Joey) Radnaased
  2. George Guo
  3. Douglas Hansen
  4. Gary Fluckiger

    Age 50-59

    Age 50-59. First Place: Jeff St. Clair(left). Second Place: John Pratt (right)
    1. Jeff St. Clair
    2. John Pratt
    3. Walt Milem
    4. Wayne Southwick

    Age 60+

    Age 60-69. First Place: Grant Misbach (right). Second Place: Craig Zimmerman (left).
    1. Grant Misbach
    2. Craig Zimmerman
    3. Wally McCormick
    4. Lucas Erasmus


    Open: First Place: Zorigt (left). Second Place: Meg (right)
    1. Zorigt (Joey) Radnaased
    2. Batchimeg (Meg) Tsedenbal
    3. Ziniu Zhou
    4. Doug Hansen
    5. Jeff St. Clair
    6. Richard Sang

    Class "A" Singles

    Open: First Place: John Pratt (left). Second Place: Dennis Cao (right)
    1. John Pratt
    2. Dennis Cao
    3. Craig Zimmerman
    4. Wally McCormick
    5. Ed Cheng

    Class "B" Singles

    Open: First Place: Gary Fluckiger (left). Second Place: John Clark (right)
    1. Gary Fluckiger
    2. John Clark
    3. Walt Milem
    4. Tyler Rehrer
    5. Wayne Southwick
    6. Bat Erdene

    Class "C" Singles

    Open: First Place: Steve Yardley (right). Second Place: Javza (left)
    1. Steve Yardley
    2. Javzaandulam Gaav (Javza)
    3. Lucas Erasmus
    4. David McCormick
    5. Karlee Rehrer