Joseph Pratt

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The Life of Joseph Pratt

I was raised in a family of five children in Orem, Utah. As a child I loved wrestling my friends and playing ninja turtles on the trampoline. I was always curious about life and found myself conduction science experiments in my spare time. I enjoyed competition in sports and nintendo and grew to be the Mario Kart champion of the family. At the age of 15 we made the big move from Orem to Cedar Hills Utah where I continued to enjoy competition in Basketball and saw my nitendo career go down the drain. I later served an LDS mission to Belo Horizonte, Brazil and am now a junior at BYU studying economics.

Recent News

Over the break I got engaged to a girl named Elizabeth Church. She is a twin from a family of six children. I flew down to LA where she lived and proposed to her in a tree. We plan in being married in the Los Angeles temple on May 26 2007.

Getting to know Joe

  1. Nickname: Not telling
  2. Height: 6' 3" and growing
  3. Hometown: Ceder Hills, UT
  4. Current Job: Fiber-optic Internet Salesman
  5. Favorite Current NBA Team: The Utah Jazz
  6. Favorite Movie: The Count of Monte Cristo
  7. Favorite Song: Collide by Howie Day
  8. Favorite TV Show: Jazz Pre-game Show
  9. Favorite Food: Pizza
  10. Favorite Pastime: Mountain Bikeing
  11. My Best Asset: My personality
  12. My Biggest Fear: Faliure
  13. My Biggest Pet Peeve: Inconsiderate People
  14. My Most Embarrassing Moment: Not telling
  15. What Makes Me Laugh Out Loud: My Brother Jared
  16. A Secret Most People Wouldn't Know About Me: Not telling
  17. Grossest Thing I've Ever Done: Ate Ants

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