Best E-mail of 2014

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Disclaimer: I have no idea whether these e-mails contain any truth whatsoever.
They were just interesting or funny, and I thought they were worth sharing.

Ever have that nagging feeling you might have been adopted?

Amazing Pictures
The best I've seen in 2014.

America's Stupidity
Canada's Top Ten List of America's Stupidity (from an editorial).

Short, pointed sentences that express wise or clever observations or a general truth.

Blessing Of Thorns
A Thanksgiving story to help us appreciate the challenges of life.

Can You Explain These Photos?
Photos of some events so unusual that they are hard to explain at all.

Celibacy can be a choice in life, or a condition imposed by circumstances.

Cracked Pot Comfort
Some great wisdom in a story about a cracked pot.

Did You Know?
Several wonderful little tidbits of information.

For Word Lovers
Some great plays on words.

Liberal Logic Oxymorons
What has been done to ourselves and our children by liberal logic?

Location, Location, Location
Perception of gun ownership varies by location.

Moose Accident
In case you didn't know how big a moose really is.

More Word Play
More plays on words.

Native American Dialog
The top ten things Native Americans should say to white folks.

Not Really Just Luck
Reportedly true war story, where survival was not really just luck at all.

Our Place in the Universe
Great photos and info on just how big the universe is and where we are.

Parting of the Waters
A Wyoming creek divides, flowing into both oceans, dividing the continent in two.

Pieta by Scalza
Magnificent pieta scuplture.

Politcal Quotes
Great political quotes from celebrities.

Polygamy & Slavery
In 1856 Mormon polygamy helped the U.S. unite to also abolish slavery along with it.

Senior Center
Great signs to help seniors find their center.

Wit & Pondering
Thinking about why humorous things are how they are.

Wrench Art
Amazing sculptures created from old rusty crescent wrenches.