Zion or Babylon Quiz

Do you tend to favor (A) Zion, the Millennial Kingdom we are supposed to be building, or (B) Babylon, the great Kingdom of excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures? Take this test to find out!

1. When Babylon falls
A. I will be shouting Alleluia, salvation, and glory and honor and power unto the Lord! (Rev. 19:1-3)
B. I will weep and wail because Babylon was my principal supplier of food, clothing and entertainment. (Rev. 18:18-19).
2. Unity.
A. When I hear any negative gossip or criticism of leaders in church, government, workplace, or even of neighbors, I try to remind the accuser of some good in that person.
B. When I hear gossip or criticism, I jump right in with more criticism of my own.
3. Service.
A. I spend several hours a week serving others without pay and without being asked. When asked to fulfill a service assignment, my usual answer is "Sure."
B. I want to do service, but I'm just too busy with my own agenda, self-improvement programs, and my second job which is needed to support my personal pleasures and lifestyle.
4. Financial Support
A. I try to support only righteous people and organizations in my shopping. I buy items from others who are building Zion, and do not support companies which openly support wickedness, such as being open on Sunday, or donating to evil causes. I donate freely to several righteous organizations.
B. I have no time to read labels and look only for the cheapest price when shopping. I don't have money left over to donate to righteous organizations.
5. Debt
A. I have followed the prophet's counsel to avoid debt like the plague. I save money ahead to buys cars, education and consumer items with cash and find them to be less expensive that way.
B. I am deeply in debt, mostly to Babylon, who was eager to lend me money. I did not follow the prophet's counsel because my economics class taught me that it is smart to be in debt during inflation. Besides, it just takes too long to save up money before purchasing. It is worth it to me to pay three times the price for something just to have it now.
6. Anger, Frustration
A. I never take the Lord's name in vain by swearing no matter how frustrated or angry I am.
B. A few occasional swear words help me to relieve tension and express my emotions.
7. Music
A. I love the music of Zion, which is edifying and brings the Spirit of God into my home.
B. I enjoy the music of Babylon, with its screaming volume, mind-numbing beat and degrading lyrics. Sure, it drives the Spirit away, but I enjoy its sensual nature.
8. Honesty
A. I am honest in all my dealings, in business, in sports, and all phases of life. People recognize this and know they can trust me in all settings.
B. I'm a firm believer in situational ethics as taught in the schools of Babylon. It is okay to lie and cheat a little to get ahead in Babylon, as long as you don't get caught. Everybody does it.
9. Pondering
A. I look beyond the obvious and think deeply about the meaning of scripture, of the words of modern prophets, and of everything that is taught to me. I am suspicious of all the teachings of Babylon and look for the subtle mind conditioning techniques and evil consequences so often included in her lies.
B. Pondering? Are you kidding? I never ponder scriptures, and am just glad when I find time to skim over them at all. And I never question what I'm taught in my Babylonian school. In fact I rarely think at all about much of anything because I'm being entertained nearly full time.
10. Coveting
A. I've learned to live a simple life in the midst of all the hype from Babylon to buy frivolous time-wasters.
B. The neighbors just bought a cool new boat. I'd sure like to have one too!
11. Fashion
A. I wear modest, plain clothes, whose beauty is that of my own hand (D&C 42:40).
B. I keep up with all the fashions of Babylon so that I'm accepted. I wear super-tight, super-thin designer clothes, but I try to show only a little underwear.
12. House
A. I have a modest house within my means to pay off with 25% of my take home pay within 20 years.
B. I love the new extravagent new homes which are about twice as big as I need. I don't worry about paying it off because I'm hoping to trade up for an even bigger one.
13. Fitness
A. I keep physically fit with exercise, healthy eating and lots of hard physical work.
B. Can you say "couch potato"? I make up for my lack of exercise by supersizing my meals.
14. Living Life
A. I actually live life first hand by participating in sports, doing service projects, doing cooking and crafts by hand.
B. I live vicariously by watching sports, movies, and entertainment, but rarely actually have my own real experiences.
15. Games
A. I like games which edify all the players and give points for improving in some way, such as skill or intelligence.
B. I only like games that I can win and beat others into the ground. I like violent video games which high action, degrading and teach evil behavior. Of course I am not influenced in any way by them to become more evil myself.
16. Movies
A. I avoid nearly all movies from Hollywood. Even some of the PG's have too much action, immorality and violence.
B. I love the high action, violent movies even though they are immoral and never have a real hero figure that I'd like to emulate.
17. Books
A. I study the scriptures daily, and read at least one book per month that is edifying and uplifting.
B. Read? Are you kidding? I'm into iPods, DVD's, and instant entertainment. No time for reading.
18. News
A. I get my world news by carefully selecting good sources, which include Christian news and alternate news sources, besides those from Babylon. I can read stories on the internet in a fraction of the time it takes to watch someone tell their spin on it.
B. I watch degrading and depressing news from the Babylonian Broadcasting Co. daily as my only source.
19. Caring for the Poor
A. In addition to a generous fast offering, I donate a lot to the poor, especially those who have experienced a disaster or who are in underdeveloped countries under wicked regimes.
B. The poor have mostly brought on their poverty through stupidity, and they will have to work out it themselves.
20. Lust
A. I avoid all indulgence in immoral behavior, including pornography, or looking at anything I know is wrong.
B. Hey, I'm a guy, and we all need a little stimulation. I won't let it get out of control.