Dr. John P. Pratt's 2004 Sacred Calendar

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Sample of Artwork.
Meridian readers have been enthralled reading the discoveries of the author of our Science and Religion column, Dr. John P. Pratt. Having a Ph.D. in astronomy and a strong testimony that the heavens are a masterpiece of creation, he has discovered a series of sacred calendars which the Lord apparently has used, and is still using, to schedule certain sacred events. Using these calendars he has been able to deduce many precise dates that have seemed totally lost in the dark mist of past ages. Last month he completed a series of five articles which proposed exact dates for key religious events of world history, such as the birth dates of King David and of Abraham, the date of the Exodus from Egypt, of the Great Flood, and even of the day that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. In case you missed that series, you can still read it in the Science and Religion archives, but let us assure you that there is a sound astronomical foundation to all of his conclusions. At first these results may sound too fantastic to believe, but his conclusions become compelling when one sees the many events with known dates which have occurred on sacred days on these calendars.

New Jubliee Calendar included.
Dr. Pratt tells us that the most asked question he receives from our readers is about when future events will happen. Of course, it may come as no surprise that he is not about to speculate about the date of the Second Coming, or even of the return of the lost tribes, or any other future event. He explained in a Q/A article to Meridian readers that he believes the Lord does not want "us to know the precise dates in the future when any of the big events will happen, but afterwards it will be clear that they had been planned from before the foundations of the solar system."

On the other hand, it has recently occurred to Dr. Pratt that there is a reasonable compromise in this matter of planning for the future. The sacred calendars are well defined and can be calculated for future dates. Just because a future date is indicated as a holy day does not mean that the Lord has anything planned for that day. Thus, with the disclaimer that he is not predicting any future event, Dr. Pratt has produced a wall calendar for 2004 with the principal holy days on seven calendars indicated on it. It also indicates anniversaries of birthdays of prophets, ancient and modern, as well as other religious events, such as when important latter-day revelations were received. There are also explanations of how the calendars all work, so that it is understandable to those otherwise unacquainted with his work.

Dr. Pratt's 2004 Sacred Calendar is described in more detail, along with a sample month and monthly picture, and how to obtain one, at http://www.johnpratt.com/items/calendar/wall_cal.html for those interested. He assures us they can still be mailed out in time for New Year's Day for those who order immediately.