The Antioxidant Advantage

Need for antioxidants summarized from The Antioxidant Miracle by Lester Packer and Carol Colman.

AntioxidantStrengthensHelps PreventOtherFound inDaily
Lipoic Acidmemory, energy production, controls adult diabetesheart disease, cancer, stroke, cataractsrecycles ALL five of the network antioxidantspotatoes, spinach (1 mg per 7 lbs)100 mg
Vitamin Eincreases life span, helps clear clogged arteries, protects skin, relieves arthritisheart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's,
skin, prostate and breast cancer
Need all 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols. "d-alpha" is natural, "dl-alpha" is synthetic Vegetable oils, nuts, grain, tocotrienols in bran 200 mg d-alpha, 200 mg mixed tocopherols, 100 mg tocotrienols
Vitamin Cimmune system, recycles vitamin Ecancer, heart disease, scurvymore than 300 mg per dose is excretedred peppers, broccoli, cranberries, citrus2 x 250 mg calcium ascorbate
CoQ10rejuvenates brain cellsheart disease, gum diseaseHas been used for 20 yrs in Japan to treat and prevent heart diseaseseafood and organ meat30 mg
Glutathionedetoxifies body, strenthens immune system,
prolongs life
prevents bronchitis and pneumoniatake 100 mg of lipoic acid for body to make it. It is the cell's primary antioxidantfresh fruits and vegetables. Destroyed by acetaminophen0 mg (produced by 100 mg lipoic acid)
FlavonoidsImprove memory and concentration, lowers blood pressureblood clots, LDL cholesterol in arteries, reduces inflammationBoosts effectivenes of vitamin C, found with it in naturecitrus fruits, apples, onions, red grapes, berries, pine barkGinkgo 30 mg
CarotenoidsConverts to Vitamin A if needed, good for eyes and visionCancer, lycopene for prostate cancer, lutein for cataractsGive the color to yellow, orange, red, purple and dark green vegetablesthe colorful fruits and vegetables: alpha carotene is orange in carrots, lutein is the green in spinach, lycopene is red in tomatoes.0 mg (3 orange fruits, 2 green leafy vegs)
Seleniumsynergistic effect with vitamin Elung, prostate and colon cancer, stroke and heart diseaseTrace mineral needed for formation of two antioxidantsgarlic, onion, broccoli, whole grains, red grapes, egg yolks200 mcg