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Queen's Gambit

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White: John P. Pratt
Black: Irwin Brooks
Date: 31 Mar 1986
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

In this game White dominates the center and finally breaks through Black's guard for a clean victory.

1. d2-d4, d7-d5.  
2. c2-c4, b7-b6.  
3. c4xd5, Bc8-a6. Black is trying to discourage White from grabbing the entire center.
4. e2-e4, Ba6xf1. White wants the center, and is happy to trade an undeveloped piece.
5. Ke1xf1, Ng8-f6. 
6. Nb1-c3, h7-h6. Time to develop pieces.
7. Ng1-f3, Nb8-d7. White is tempted by e4-e5, but decides to develop.
8. Bc1-f4, Qd8-c8. Black prepares to develop his queen on a6.
9. Qd1-a4, a7-a5. White blocks that move, only to be countered.
10. Nf3-e5, Qc8-a6+. Unable to stop the Black queen, White attacks.
11. Kf1-g1, Ra8-b8. Black prepares to attack White's queen.
12. Ra1-c1, b6-b5. White is still developing while Black pushes pawns.
13. Qa4-d1, Nd7-b6. Black has hemmed in his own queen, White regroups.
14. Ne5-c6, Rb8-b7. White attacks rook and pawn, Black defends both.
15. e4-e5, Nf6xd5. Finally White gets to push his king pawn, but sacrifices another.
16. Qd1-f3, e7-e6. White pressures the knight, but Black develops his bishop in response.
17. a2-a3, Nb6-c4? White blocks the bishop and Black's knight forgets what he was defending.
18. Nc3xd5, e6xd5. This exchange is disasterous for Black.
19. Qf3xd5, Qa6-a8. White's queen is behind enemy lines and Black's queen is far away.
20. e5-e6, Nc4-d6. White threatens mate with Qd5-d7 and Black defends.
21. e6xf7+, Ke8-d7. If 21... Nd6xf7, then 22. Qd5-e6+, Bf8-e7. 23. Qe6xe7 mate.
22. Nc6-e5+, Kd7-d8. Black's Queen is not allowed back into the game.
23. Qd5-e6, resigns. Black cannot defend the double threat of Qe6-d7 mate and Ne5-c6 mate.