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Premature Attack

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White: Bob Garn
Black: John P. Pratt
Date: 30 Aug 1976
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Black pulls out a win in spite of a premature attack and losing exchanges. Much offense, poor defense.

1. e2-e3, e7-e5. 
2. Nb1-c3, d7-d5. 
3. Ng1-f3, Nb8-c6.Bob has decided to play defense, which works for me.
4. Qd1-e2, Bf8-e7.Black has no idea what White is doing. He is full of surprises.
5. d2-d4, e5xd4. 
6. e3xd4, Bc8-g4.Black let's White pin his bishop, still not seeing the point of it all.
7. Bc1-f4, Nc6xd4.Mystified, Black proceeds with standard play.
8. Qe2-d2, Nd4xf3. 
9. g2xf3, Bg4xf3. 
10. Rh1-g1, Ng8-f6.Black continues development, daring Black to do Rg1xg7.
11. Bf1-g2, Nf6-e4.White would rather be rid of the annoying bishop, but Black gets even more aggressive. He is apparently happy to trade knights and even queens.
12. Qd2-d4, Bf3-h5.Now the White Queen eyes the knight pawn which for some reason Black is totally ignoring. Why hasn't he castled? His attack has been premature, which gives White a chance to counterattack.
13. Qd4xg7, Be7-f6.Aha! Black had a plan for revenge on the queen.
14. Bf4xc7, Qd8xc7.White tries counterattacking Black's queen, but it doesn't go well.
15. Nc3xd5, Qc7xc2.White tries again, this time forking both queen and bishop. Black thinks he dodges the bullet and threated to win both rooks with 16. Qc2xg2+.
16. Nd5xf6+, Ke8-e7.White sees he can snatch the bishop, and if 16. ... Ne4xf6; 17 Qg7xh8 winning both rooks.
17. Nf6xe4, Qc2-e2 mate.White's knight can now choose between taking a knight or a bishop. He takes the knight and feels pretty good about how well things are going. But in his enthusiasm he didn't really look ahead. And if he had seen the problem and taken the bishop, then 17. ... Qc2xf2+; 18. Ke1-d1, Qf2-d2 mate.