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Increasing Advantage

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White: John P. Pratt
Black: Larry Scott
Date: 19 May 1986
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

1. d2-d4, d7-d5. 
2. c2-c4, Ng8-f6. 
3. c4xd5, Qd8xd5. 
4. Nb1-c3, Qd5-d8. 
5. e2-e4, Bc8-g4. 
6. Bf1-e2, Bg4xe2. 
7. Ng1xe2, e7-e6.White's Queen's Gambit has won the opening.
8. O-O, c7-c5. 
9. e4-e5, Nf6-d5. 
10. Nc3xd5, Qd8xd5.Black has now equalized control of the board.
11. Qd1-a4, Nb8-c6. 
12. Rf1-d1, O-O-O.Black's queenside castle seems ill advised because White already has a strong queen side. Perhaps he is hoping for 13. d4xc5, Qd7xd1+; 14. Rc1xd1, Rd8xd1 mate.
13. Bc1-e3, c5-c4.White positions his bishop to aim at the new black castle. Black tries to block his aim with his own pawn.
14. Ra1-c1, b7-b5.White aims his rook at Black's king. I'm not sure what Black was thinking when he voluntarily broke up his castle. Was protecting a pawn worth that?
15. Qa4-a6+, Kc8-b8.White now smells blood, and has the advantage in position.
16. Ne2-c3, Qd5-d7.White keeps increasing his advantage. The Black queen now must defend the castle, ceasing her protection of the her weak knight pawn.
17. Nc3xb5, Bf8-c5.Again White increases pressure. Black sees he can bring in his king bishop to help, because if 18. d4xc5, Qd5xd1+; 19. Qa4xd1, Rd8xd1 mate, as before. But White saw it the first time.
18. Rc1xc4, Qd7-b7.Each time White advances, he kills someone. And there are three pieces guarding his queen pawn. Black is willing to offer to trade queens to defuse White's relentless attack.
19. Qa6-a4, Bc5-b6.White backs off while Black strengthens his castle.
20. Nb5-d6, Rd8xd6.White attacks Black's queen and also his knight, forcing Black to trade a knight for a rook (or else Black would lose his knight).
21. e5xd6, Rh8-c8.Black has managed to build a strong looking castle for defense.
22. Rd1-c1, Nc6xd4.Black can no longer save his knight, so he thrashes out, hoping for a mistake from White: 23. Be3xd4, Bb6xd4; 24. Rc4xd4, Rc8-c1 mate. But no such luck.
23. Rc4xc8+, Qb7xc8. 
24. Rc1xc8, Kb8xc8. 
25. Be3xd4, resigns. Black see no hope alone against a queen.