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Bishop's Opening

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White: Eugene Neville
Black: John P. Pratt
Date: 16 Dec 1976
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Black is able to induce White to weaken his castle, then drives his king to the center of the board, and ends with a surprise finish.

1. e2-e4, e7-e5. 
2. Bf1-c4, Ng8-f6.  
3. d2-d3, c7-c6. White's three moves are the bishop's opening.
4. Bc1-g5, Bf8-e7.  
5. Ng1-f3, d7-d5. Black tries to grab the initiative and the center.
6. Bc4-b3, d5xe4. 
7. Nf3xe5, 0-0.  
8. h2-h3, Qd8-a5+. Black can win a knight.
9. Nb1-c3, Qa5xe5. And he does.
10. Bg5xf6, Be7xf6. 
11. Nc3xe4, Bc8-f5. White's combination to win the pawn had been there a long time.
12. 0-0, Bf5xe4.  
13. d3xe4, Qe5xe4. Black wins back the lost king pawn with a similar combination.
14. Qd1-d3, Qe4-f4. Black considers trading queens; he's ahead by a knight.
15. Rf1-e1, Bf6-e5. Black threatens Q-h2+, which would be premature.
16. g2-g3, Qf4-g5. White defends at the expense of weakening his castle.
17. f2-f4, Be5xf4. White's bold pawn forgets his buddy is pinned!
18. Kg1-g2, Bf4-c7. White defends his pawn, and Black's bishop prefers long range.
19. Re1-e4, Nb8-a6. Both sides want to get their rooks into action.
20. Re4-h4, h7-h6. Now White threatens mate with Qxh7, so Black defends.
21. c2-c4, Ra8-d8! White plans B-c2 to again threaten mate, but Black has a winning response.
22. Qd3-b1, Rd8-d2+. White's queen retreats (blocking one rook) in order not to be lost with the coming check.
23. Kg2-f3, Qg5xg3+. It would have been certain death had the king retreated. Can you see the checkmate on Black's next move?
24. Kf3-e4, f7-f5 mate. Totally exposed, White's king is slain by a faithful little pawn who finally gets his day of glory!