Astronomy Notes

Part 6: Jupiter and Saturn

John P. Pratt

The Four Giant Planets have several similarities

Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn are Similar

Atmospheric Conditions

Jupiter's Magnetic Field

Other Characteristics


They have Similar Kinds of Satellites

Jupiter's Moons

Jupiter has 16 moons, which are neatly divided into 4 sets of 4.

  1. 4 small inner moons, very close to Jupiter.
  2. 4 large Galilean satellites, as big or bigger than our moon.
  3. 4 tiny moons, all inclined at 27° in a prograde orbit (west to east), all 6 times further than Galilean.
  4. 4 more tiny moons, all inclined at 60° in a retrograde orbit (east to west), all twice as far as last four.

Four Galilean Satellites are visible in any telescope, or even high-powered binoculars.

Io: The Sulfur Volcano Moon

Europa: The Icy Cue-Ball Moon

Ganymede: The Largest Moon in the Solar System

Callisto: The Cratered Moon

Saturn's Moons

General Features.

Titan has a Thick, Smoggy Atmosphere