Learning the Constellations

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This map is a circular projection of the sky centered on the north celestial pole. Near the center of the map the constellations are not distorted, but near the edges (near the southern horizon), they are. Below are 16 pictures of the sky taken from Janice VanCleave's Constellations for Every Kid. They show how the constellations actually look in each direction in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The exercise is to correctly identify these 36 constellations, by referring to the circular map.

Andromeda (Princess)
Aquarius (Water Bearer)
Aquila (Eagle)
Aries (Ram)
Auriga (Charioteer)
Bootes (Herdsman)
Cancer (Crab)
Canis Major (Big Dog)
Canis Minor (Little Dog)
Capricornus (Sea Goat)
Cassiopeia (Queen)
Cepheus (King)
Cetus (Sea Monster)
Corona Borealis (Northern Crown)
Corvus (Raven)
Crater (Cup)
Cygnus (Swan or Northern Cross)
Draco (Dragon)
Gemini (Twins)
Hercules (Kneeling Hero)
Hydra (Water Serpent)
Leo (Lion)
Libra (Balance)
Lyra (Lyre)
Ophiuchus (Serpent Bearer)
Orion (Hunter)
Pegasus (Flying Horse)
Perseus (Returning Hero)
Pisces (Fishes)
Sagittarius (Archer)
Scorpius (Scorpion)
Serpens (Serpent)
Taurus (Bull)
Ursa Major (Big Bear or Dipper)
Ursa Minor (Little Bear or Dipper)
Virgo (Virgin)
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