Migration of John and Sarah Pulsipher

John Alger was born in Lebanon (now New Lyme), Ohio in 18240. Sarah Ann Pulsipher was born in Spafford, New York in 1824. They married in Nauvoo, Illinois in 1842. Their first two children were born in Nauvoo: Nelson in 1843, and Surry Ann in 1845. Ollie was born at Winter Quarters in 1847. Then Addie was born in Salt Lake City in 1849. John Zera was born in Parley's Park (now Park City) in 1852. Then Ella was born in Salt Lake in 1854, and Annie in 1856. Then Samuel was born in Payson in 1858. Then Alva was born in Salt Lake in 1860, and Will in 1862. Finally, their last child Mame was born in Hebron in 1865. Both John and Sarah died in St. George.