Richard Stout

Penelope Kent
10 children, including
Peter Stout
Father: John Stout
Mother: Elizabeth Bee
Show Pedigree
Richard Stout was born in Nottingham, England, in 1615 (one source says 1602). His father John Stout was a country gentleman who insisted that Richard marry within his station. But Richard was in love with someone else, and because of the resultant quarrel, Richard left home and joined the British Navy for a seven-year stint.

Richard Stout landed in NewAmsterdam (now New York City) about 1642, after having completed his enlistment time in the British Navy. He hadn't really planned to stay in New Amsterdam, but his seven years just happened to end at the time the ship docked there. Thus, he was freed to seek his fortune in the Dutch city in the New World.

Richard met the charming Penelope Van Princen. She was a widow of about 23 years of age whose maiden name had been Penelope Kent. Her husband had been killed by Indians who also had left her for dead. Richard and Penelope were married in 1644 in Gravesend, N.Y. In 1648 Penelope convinced Richard to move to Middleton, New Jersey, and since then that city has been a gathering place for the Stout clan in America. They had ten children. Richard died there in 1705.