John Pulsipher

  Wife: Elizabeth Dutton
Children included
Zerah Pulsipher
Father: David Pulsipher
Mother: Elizabeth Stowell
John Pulsipher was born 8 Jul 1749 O.S. (19 Jul 1749 N.S.) in Pomfret, Conn. He married Elizabeth Dutton in 1791-92 at the age of about 42. They were the parents of seven sons and three daughters, including their fifth son Zerah Pulsipher. He was buried in Rockingham, Vermont in July, 1827. Of his father, Zerah said:

"My father was absolute in his family government, kind and affectionate to all his friends. His common practice was to make a feast once in a year and invite some of the poorest people that were in the town and semed to take pleasure in their company. I lived with him twenty five years and never knew him to turn a beggar away empty."

"...I have often heard my father say that the signs of Christ's second coming was often seen and that he would come before many years should pass away. And if he did not live to se it, likely his children would."

"In the fall of that season [1814] there were the most extrodinary Northern Lights that I had ever saw, it was the cause of many speculative notions among the people bu my father said it was the signs of the last days and of Christ's second coming. I regarded my father's remarks as specimens of good sense."

Quotes from Pulsipher Family History Book, Terry/Nora Lund, SLC, 1953, pp. 11-12.