Amy Ward

  Husband: Thomas Hancock
9 Children:
Elijah Hancock (1786-1818)
Thomas Hancock (1788-1848)
Clarissa Hancock (1790-1870)
Solomon Hancock (11794-1847)
Alvah Hancock (1796-1847)
Joseph Hancock (1800-1893)
Levi Ward Hancock (1803-1882)
Sarah Hancock (1805-1886)
Amy Hancock (1807-1809)
Father: Gen. Jacob Ward
Mother: Irene Jones
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Amy Ward was born on 28 Feb 1769 in Somers, Conn. Amy was the daughter of the Gen. Jacob Ward of the Revolutionary army. On 25 May 1786 she married Thomas Hancock, a third cousin to John Hancock, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

By 1820 they had moved to Chagrin, Ohio. While in Ohio, at age 61, Amy joined the LDS Church in Nov 1830, shortly after it was organized. Her husband and daughter Clarissa had been baptized a few days previously and then most of her children followed shortly thereafter. She remained faithful in the church and died on 14 Jan 1847 at Winter Quarters, after having been expelled from Illinois with the rest of the saints. Her husband had died three years previously.