Thomas Hancock

  Wife: Amy Ward
9 Children:
Elijah Hancock (1786-1818)
Thomas Hancock (1788-1848)
Clarissa Hancock (1790-1870)
Solomon Hancock (1794-1847)
Alvah Hancock (1796-1847)
Joseph Hancock (1800-1893)
Levi Ward Hancock (1803-1882)
Sarah Hancock (1805-1886)
Amy Hancock (1807-1809)
Father: Thomas Hancock
Mother: Jemima Wright
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Thomas Hancock was born on 21 Nov 1763 in Bloomfield, New York. On 25 May 1786 he married Amy Ward, daughter of Revolutionary Army General Jacob Ward. By 1820 they were living in Chagrin, Ohio. Thomas was among the very first converts to the newly formed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He and his daughter Clarissa were baptized by Parley P. Pratt on Sun 14 Nov 1830, on the very day they first hear the restored gospel preached by him in the neighboring town of Mayfield, Ohio. His wife Amy and most of his other children followed immediately thereafter. His son Levi became one of the seven presidents of the Seventy's, being an incredible missionary and retaining that position until his death. Much of this history is taken from his journal.

Thomas and Amy moved to Kirtland, Ohio about March, 1833. His son Levi's family lived with him there. His son Solomon and daughter Sally had moved with the saints to Missouri and had been driven out into Clay County. Later Thomas and Amy and much of their family also moved to Far West, Missouri, arriving at Plum Creek about 20 Mar 1838. They traveled with their son Levi's family, along with their son Thomas. Their son Alvah were also in the group. Shortly thereafter, on 16 Apr 1838 his grandson Francis Marion was born there to Levi while mobs were howling outside the house. His grandson Mosiah Hancock remembers gathering pigweed for salad greens with him at Far West. On the Fourth of July that year, his son Levi composed a special hymn which was sung on the cornerstone of the temple by both Levi and Solomon.

Thomas died in Hancock County, Illinois on 1 Oct 1844, shortly after the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith and just over a year before the saints were expelled from that state.