Joseph Smith Price

Wife: Ann Alger Price
8 Children (4 surviving):
Joseph Hyrum Price (1875-1875)
Eva Price (1876-1955)
Josie Viola Price (1879-1958)
Claude Price (1882-?)
Addie Price (1886-1886)
Ida Price (1886-1886)
Lucille Price (1890-1950)
John Price (1895-1895)
Father: John Price
Mother: Eliza Jane Adair
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Joseph (Jode) Price
50th Anniversary
Joseph Smith Price was born on July 2, 1853 in Salt Lake City, Utah, just before the sixth anniversary of the founding of that city on July 24, 1847. He was born to John Price and Eliza Jane Adair who had crossed the plains in covered wagons in 1851 (see Heartthrobs of the West, v. 12, pp. 429-463). Joseph went by "Jode" all his life. He had two older sisters who had been born in 1847 and 1849 en route across the plains, and his oldest sister Rebecca had been born in Alabama. Jode's parents had been sealed together for eternity in the Endowment House in January, 1853, a few months before his birth. In 1857 the family was called by Brigham Young to found the Cotton Mission and the city of Washington, Utah, near where St.George would be founded a few years later.

Eva Price Worsley, Ann Alger Price, grandson
Bus Worsley, Jode Price and Fred H. Worsley

Lucille Price Spencer, June Snow, Josie Price Snow,
Ruth Snow, Ann Alger Price, Bus Worsley (on lap),
Eva Price Worsley, Jode Price, Claude Price, Claude Snow.

Jode Price

Jode married Ann Alger on 2 Mar 1874 in St. George, Utah. Their first child, Joseph Hyrum Price was born on 29 Apr 1875, but he did not live long. Their second child, Sarah Olivia, who went by Eva all of her life, was born on 23 Nov 1876 in St. George.

The St. George temple, the first L.D.S. temple completed in Utah, was first ready for temple work in January, 1877. Jode and Ann had their marriage sealed for eternity there on their third anniversary on 2 Mar 1877. Their third child Josie Viola was born in Parowan, Utah, in 1879, and then Claude was born in Diamond Valley in 1882. Twins Addie and Ida were born in 1886, but they also did not survive. Then Lucille was born on 7 Mar 1890. Their youngest child John was born in 1895, but he died that year. These last four children were born while they lived in St. George.

The Price's owned a hotel in St. George. Then they moved to Pioche, Nevada where they also owned a hotel. Ann was a great cook and they also employed an excellent Chinese cook. He made some wonderful pies with a beautiful crimped border. One day when Ann asked him how he made the beautiful edging on the pies, he promptly removed his false teeth and used them to crimp the pie's edge. Needless to say, she was totally shocked at the sight.

Then they moved back to Salt Lake City, where they owned the Virginia Hotel on Broadway (Third South) on the north side of the street between State and Main Street. They owned it there in 1907 because their granddaughter Kathryn Worsley still remembers the story of when her three-year old brother Bus (born in 1904) dumped the contents of a spitoon over his head when he visited their hotel. They were also there in 1910 when Kathryn remembers watching Halley's comet with them.

Jode and Ann had a strong pioneer spirit and didn't like to settle anywhere too long. They traded their interest in the hotel and purchased a large tract of land to homestead as one of about two families in Oasis, Utah, near Delta. While they lived there, their grandchildren Katie and Anna came to visit in 1912, when Anna was about 2 and Katie 6 years old. Anna crawled under the fence to go pet a baby pig and the mother sow started to charge her to protect it. Jode turned white as a sheet and jumped the fence and swept her out of the way in time and then barely jumped over the fence to save himself from the sow's fury. Anna was so impressed with her grandparents that she renamed herself JoAnn in their honor, by which name she went during all of her adult life. Oasis was so small that when it came time for Katie and JoAnn to return to Salt Lake, Jode built a fire on the railroad tracks to stop the train to pick them up. Apparently that was the standard procedure.

After only a few years, they left Oasis, and moved to California where in their later years they lived with their daughter Josie and her husband Claude Snow. Jode Price passed away in Los Angeles on 2 Jun 1932 at age 78.