History of the Church, Vol.7, Ch.38, p.560

Thursday, January 1, 1846.----At an early hour, Elder Heber C. Kimball and I went to the Temple. The plasterers have commenced to plaster the arched ceiling of the lower hall, the floor is laid, the framework of the pulpits and seats for the choir and band are put up; and the work of finishing the room for dedication progresses rapidly.

6:30 p. m., the high priests met and prayed, eighty-nine persons received ordinances.

10:20 p. m., after finishing the labors of the day, the company assembled in the large room in the attic story and united in prayer with Elder Heber C. and goodness to us in granting this opportunity of meeting together in the House of the Lord, asking him that he would continue to bless us, that he would bless President Brigham Young with health and wisdom, that he might be able to lead and direct this people; and that the same blessings might be extended to all his brethren of the Twelve and all the saints; and that God would bless our wives and give unto them strength of body that they might live and administer to the servants of God, that they might see three score years and ten, and behold the kingdom of God established in the earth; and that we might be enabled to continue in Nauvoo in peace, until all the faithful saints had received their endowments; and that when the time to leaVe here should arrive that we might be able to sell our possessions and obtain those things that we need to enable us to go away in comfort. Also, that God would bless our children, and all that pertains to us.